"Body of Proof"

Did anyone see the TV show "Body of Proof" last night? Towards the end the main characters teenage daughter got sick and ended up being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I think they handled it well and gave good, accurate information (not about symptoms, but more about misconceptions that the teenager had). I heard that they are going to continue this storyline for the rest of the season and show the ups and downs of being newly diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager. I hope they continue to handle the storyline well. I think that the actress who plays the girl on the show may have diabetes because at the end there was a PSA for JDRF and she made a statement about "people with diabetes like me." I wasn't sure if she was talking as herself or the character. It was pretty cool!

yeah, wasn't done poorly but the next part where she breaks down crying saying her life is over pretty much. That I didn't think was a very optimistic way to put it. Yeah you feel hopeless a little but it's not the end of the world

Im glad you liked the episode. Thank You!!!! We are going to continue the story line through out :) I was speaking as both! Lacey has Diabetes, and so do I! :) When I was diagnosed, I was clueless... I was so scared... I thought my life WAS over... I took me a few days of education in the hospital to learn that you can live a totally happy and 'normal' life even with T1. I wanted to put the info about Diabetes out there to teach ppl about it. It is scary and it does affect your life, but it's like washing your hands before you eat, you just check your sugar too :) WHat I mean is, it changes things, but it STOPS NOTHING! :)

Thanks for responding! I wasn't sure if you had diabetes or just the character. I think it's cool that they wrote it into the show. I work with kids/teenagers that are newly diagnosed and always try to impress upon them that diabetes doesn't have to change their life, they just need to find a way to make it part of their life.