Does anyone think diabetes can make a difference when bodybuilding? I know there was a post similar to this one, but just to get things going...

hey cesar-

i have been thinking about this a bit lately as well...  i started lifting weights seriously about 6 months ago and changed my diet considerably at the same time.  it seems to me that the gym work makes the biggest difference when i keep my diet strict to keep insulin dosages low, but i suspect this might be the case whether i get my insulin from my pump or my pancreas.  i pretty much try to stay away from all fast-absorbing carbs period (ie white breads, sugar, white rice).  the only exception i have to this is fruit....i just dont think you can ever go wrong with fruit, despite how carby it is.  i eat a lot of protein and a moderate amout of fats and i feel my gains and growth have been pretty steady and are on par or better than what you'd expect.  so i am not sure it has a huge impact from what i can tell.... and trying to adjust insulin levels for muscle gain without concern for blood sugar control probably isnt a great idea.  everyone without diabetes gains muscle at different rates anyway, so i figure all you can do is just go at it and see what works for you, which is the case whether you have diabetes or not.

if you are interested in bodybuilding, check out  he has some really great tips and information on diet and exercise that i found really helpful.  he also has a free book you can download that has some great info in it that is worth a read for sure.

hoep that helps,


Hey guys,

I recently started weight training and changing my diet seriously a few weeks ago.  I've been doing pretty well so far and I don't feel like I'm inhibited by diabetes - to my knowledge that is!

I have a few questions though...

Have any of you guys taken protein supplements on a regular basis recently?  I remember talking to my doctor a few years ago when i was thinking about starting weight training.  The nutritionist had actually advised me not to take protein powder/supplements because as part of a normal diet we get enough protein, and any extra might either be stored as fat or might in fact damage your kidneys in the long run because of extra work they will be doing filtering it out.  She said as a diabetic we already have a risk for kidney problems so why add the chance for more?  I've talked to some serious weight lifters since then and they said if you are putting in the regular energy and lifting seriously and consistently then you ARE going above and beyond what normal people are doing and therefore you will benefit from taking in more protein then someone on a regular diet and exercise plan.

I don't rely on protein powder as if its the secret to gaining muscle, i just like to add half a scoop or a full scoop to my whole fruit smoothies in the morning to give me a little morning protein and to lay ground work for whatever exercise i wil be doing in the afternoon.  For the most part i rely on chicken and egg whites for my food protein intake. 

Let me know if any of my routine/ideas seem wrong because I am definitely new to dealing with diabetes + seriously lifting/working out, so I welcome any advice/suggestions.

My other question is a big one for me, it might be pretty simple though.  I feel like i burn through insulin pump sites way too quickly.  Especially when i am working out consistently over the summer.  I'm a bigger guy (6'5" 255 lbs.) and i sweat a decent amount while working out, so between that, the movements i perform while working out, and the heat or whatever during the summer - sometimes my pump sites will only last a day or less.  Does anyone have any suggestions or methods you use to keep them on longer?  I am using the Paradigm silhouette infusion sites by the way.

Sorry for the long post!



Hey Ryan-

The only supplement I have taken is protein powder.  I take a serving (which is ~45g of protein, I think) immediately after strength training workouts (i.e. lifting weights - not after running, biking, hiking, etc).  I usually lift 4 days per week, so 4 servings of protein powder a week.  I also try to drink a lot of water on days I know I will be taking that is what I do.  I am a bigger guy as well (6'1" 225 lbs) and also get a lot of protein from other places but like to make sure I get enough on lifting days.  Will I continue this forever?  No...but right now, I am really trying to build muscle....once I am happier with where I am, I think diet and continuing to work out should do the job just fine.  So, I guess what I am saying is yeah, I take the protein powder....but its in limited quantity, I don't plan on doing it long term, and I don't think that its absolutely necessary by any means.


As for the infusion sets, I have had the same problem.  Even though my insurance pays for them, nothing makes me more angry than when one falls off or gets yanked out before I am done with it....I just hate to waste them.  So here are my tricks that I use...  If I really want it to stick good, I will shave the hair off at the site before inserting.  Just seems to get a better "bite" when you stick it down....also seems more sanitary for some reason.  Plus, I almost always insert in my thighs and I am pretty sure that I don't need thigh-hair anyway.  Then I use IV prep....let it dry until its sticky and then insert.  That will usually hold for a couple days with no problems.  

Once the infusion set adhesive starts to loosen from working out, sweat, getting yanked on, etc. I will disconnect my pump at the infusion site, then take one of the IV 3000 Transparent Dressings and before peeling it off to stick down, I cut a hole large enough to go around the plastic part of the infusion set still in my body.  Then I stick it down so that it covers the old adhesive on the infusion set and surrounding skin, but the portion that connects back to my pump sticks up thru the hole....then reconnect and it usually holds up for as long as I need it to.  I don't do this right away simply because I want to save the IV 3000 Dressings until I actually end up needing them...  I have also tried sticking the IV 3000 down first and then inserting the infusion set right thru it, but it only held marginally better and I would have to use the IV 3000 every time.  

So that is what I do and it seems to work pretty well, actually.  Oh, and I use the Soft-Set infusion sets....I'd imagine the same thing would work with the Silhouettes if you cut the hole large enough...  To cut the hole, I just don't peel off the back, loosely fold the thing in half, and just snip a big chunk out of the middle of the fold with some scissors....easy enough.

Anyway, hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.





Hey Ryan,

When i first started hitting the gym (roughly 2 years ago), I had a similar problem with infusion sites. Mickey makes some good points. I would also suggest taking into account what muscle groups you plan on working out when putting on a new site. For instance, my biggest problem area for infusion sites is my legs, so I make sure to have my site on my abdomen or elsewhere when doing leg exercises. I'm assuming that you, seeing as this section is about bodybuilding, that you have devoted each workout day to a specific set of muscles and are not exercising everything or even most of your body in the same day.

As far as sweat, Mickey makes a good point about shaving. I also like to wipe the IV Prep over the site after it's on. I find it seals it better. Also, make sure you put it on after showering and not too soon before hitting the gym.

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