Bolusing for Low GI Foods

I've been experimenting with foods that are low on the glycemic index, like apples, yogurt, and V8. I've found that if I do a regular bolus, I'll get too high about an hour later, but if I do a square-wave, I'll get to low an hour later. I know that everybody is different, but what do you do for low GI foods? Is an increased basal rate the answer?

What is a square wave bolus? Is that what Animas calls a combo bolus?

I'm not sure what the Animas terms are, but for Medtronic pumps, it is where you program your bolus to deliver evenly over a set amount of time instead of all at once. So, for example, a normal bolus of 10 units would take a couple minutes, or with the square wave, you could set that same bolus to be delivered over a longer time period.