Book - Mastering Diabetes

Hi All,

Has anyone read “Mastering Diabetes” or followed their program? Just wondering what kind of results people have gotten.


Jess, while I haven’t read the book, I did find the website with the same title. As you wait for replies, you might want to visit the site and see what it describes. The group also has a Facebook page where you could find comments from people who’ve used the program.

Hi, I have read the book. We have not tried the program (my son is the T1 diabetic, he is 12 yrs old and I cannot imagine him embracing this program, so I did not even ask our endocrinologist’s opinion.)

The following is not medical advice, rather personal takeaways. The authors are both Type 1 diabetics and according to the back cover, both have science credentials and sound very sincere. I would regard those on the plus side of the ledger. On the negative side, to me — reading the book was like reading one long sales pitch.

Thanks so much for your responses! I skimmed through the book, and I agree, it does seem to have a lot of good science in there, particularly regarding nutrition, which is hardly covered in medical schools (sadly). However, I do not think I want to try the program in full, as it requires fasting and a really low fat intake…

I have been eating a relatively “low carb” (maybe 100-120 grams a day), and high fat diet. based on what I read, I do want to try cutting out a little bit of the fat, and adding in more healthy carbs like fruit and whole grains, in hopes to increase my insulin sensitivity. I have done this for about three days now, and what I’ve noticed it that about three hours after lunch and three hours after dinner, I go low. I do not have a CGM and am using finger pricks, so today I am going to test one and two hours after those meals and see what my sugars are then. Any thoughts you might have on this are welcome!

Oh, and I don’t do Facebook, but my husband has an account so maybe I can go to the site and see what others are saying about the plan. Just curious…


Jess, it’s wise to read the science and then adapt it to you – our bodies respond differently. After meals, I tend to go high, so I adjusted my meal bolus and my basal rates with the help of my endo and a very good diabetes educator. Their input and insights helped.