Boost to my spirit

For those of you that don’t know, I am an amputee and I have 3 dogs, chihuahua with 1 eye named"Asta", Beagle? names Daisy with 3 legs and Buddy small shepherd and he is normal. anyway I was sitting out in back when Buddy came over to me, he had a small bird in his mouth, I freaked, asked him to drop it, he did so gently and it was alive, yelled for my husband , he came out , first thought it was going to die, assumed it had fallen out of a nest, and the mom and pop were screeching, the baby bird started squirming in my husbands hand, he put it in a flower pot in my orange tree, we came in, the parents settled down, went out later and baby and parents were gone. When buddy dropped the baby I asked the “MAN” for help, and I got it, Here is the “Boost” my dog had carried that baby to me approx 35 feet, that baby was perfect not a feather out of place and the potential for injury was great, but not my Buddy, he protected that baby and brought it to me for help. Buddy was a hero Yesterday, just thought i’d share. Stay safe everyone Bye for now Jan


Aww Jan. Cool story. I had 2 very good dogs over the years too. Heck I even raised a baby robin once. Thanks for the story it made me smile.

Joe, the most I have had at 1 time was 10 dogs and 24 cats, now I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. but that is always subject to change. Even had a chihuahua put in my car the day after Christmas while we were at the store . Named her Alfi had her a long time. Have a great day Bye JaN

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