Hey everyone!

I am flying to Boston on Thursday. Any tips on airport security with a pump?

Im not sure. I dont even have a pump.... yet. I wish you good luck(:

airport security isn't really a big deal. they told me not to go through the xray thingy with it on so they just did a wand check of me instead. it was pretty simple :o)

Hey Akels -

I've never had issues with airport security and my insulin pump. I fly from CA (grad school) to NY (hometown) all the time. I always carry my insulin pump supplies in my carry-on bag - never in my checked bag. I make sure it's in a clear ziplock, with all my prescription labels visible. When I get to the head of the line, I tell the TSA agent that I'm wearing an insulin pump and point it out on my belt. You can walk through the metal detector just fine, but I sometimes I get a pat down. Not a big deal. 

Safe travels!


I know I'm late...if your back from your trip, I hope you had a very good time.

I ALWAYS security problems. They don't read my travel letter from the doctor and make me get pulled to the side and go through a pat-down, wand thingie, and they had to check my pump for EXPLOSIVES. it was ABSURD. 

I was very mad and next time, if it happens again, and they don't read my letter, I am going to leave and take the train. If it's a national flight, I'll take the train to Canada and get a flight there. I've never had trouble in Canada. I'm sick of it.