Does any one else suffer from mental illnesses?? I was recently put in the mental health institution because I had a complete break down. I was diagnosed with borderline personalities, ADD, ADHD, Dementia, Chronic Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. I don’t think this is considered a diabetic complication, but I’m rather confused as to what I should do.

hi @FredTheMedicalNerd, hey sorry to hear you are having trouble. I am pretty sure I have un-diagnosed ADD I have had trouble with non specific anxiety in the past but that’s about it. I think that chronic illness and depression is related. I don’t know how you can have diabetes and have no other issues.

In my opinion, you have to deal with the whole thing. You can get help for mental health issues, and sure you can focus and deal with diabetes issues, but you aren’t going to feel any better unless you are doing everything. In my experience, you get sicker faster with high blood sugar, so I would maybe think about some reasonable goals in blood sugar targets, and then bring in help for the other conditions. You might want to check with an internal medicine expert to help put priorities in order. good luck!