Brandan's Bracelet

I just want to share something nice.:)

I registered Brandan with the Medic Alert Foundation. Their bracelets don't adjust like his old one and unfortunately the smallest size is too big. So, I cut off the chain and made into a friendship bracelet for him with the ends tied to the charm. I made myself one to match it and for two weeks he would put our wrists together and say  "two bracelets, thank you mama." Well, it got dingy looking and yesterday I cut it off and made him a new one. Not only did he insist I make a new one for myself, he wanted his brother to have one too. Amazingly, his brother is actually keeping it on his wrist. It's a small gesture of support for Brandan. :)

That is so sweet.  This disease was very hard on our family but it is truly amazing how it can also bring a family closer!  I am going to do this also, I am sure it will mean a lot to my daughter.  How old is Brandan and your other children?

Brandan is 3 years old and my other son, Logan, is 16 months old. They were both born in June, their b-days are 12 days apart, so Brandan is almost exactly 2 years older than Logan. I read your bio, good luck getting everyone to wear a bracelet. :) I always make ours match, but you have boys and girls so you might take a different approach. :) I'm glad you like the idea. I'm thinking I might even use festive colors for the holidays. :)

That is so sweet-thanks for sharing...