I was just wondering if I'm the only one who's just had like any kind of breakdown because of diabetes. Not necessarily a huge temper tantrum, but you just kind of started crying a little bit or something. Also, this may just be because of my parents, but has anyone ever felt like they don't wanted to be treated differently. Like you want to be treated like a normal kid, but at the same time you kind of want people to treat you differently just to show that they acknowledge that you have a disease that may be with you for the rest of your life. Just wondering.

I totally understand how you feel! It's hard you know because you do want people to stop staring at you while your testing your blood sugar or injecting insulin but you also want them to care and maybe even ask, "Hey whatcha doin'?" I don't like feeling like I have to explain what I'm doing to people. I think as long as they don't keep staring at you like your a weirdo that's good at least... but okay anyway I know how you feel...

I hope you get what I am trying to say, hopefully...

Anyway yeah I sometimes just shed a little tears in anguish but yeah...

I wish the WORLD would be better educated about what diabetes is because there are all these misconceptions and things about diabetes...

THAT makes me sad and mad...

Yeah. I definately understand what your saying. I also have random breakdowns too. Like one time I was in a resteraunt and I couldn't find how many carbs I was eating and I just got really frustrated. When I was diagnosed there was a girl at my school who already had diabetes. It's not like I didnt care, it was more like I didnt understand how truly hard it can be to live with sometimes. I wish people were more educated ,too. My friends have learned s lot from me though. haha.

Diagnosed January 29, 2011

Yes! :)

I get frustrated too... But I mean I don't like the idea of living with this forever...


You start to settle in though. Sometimes I don't even remember what it was like without diabetes. Wait no... I do but I kind of forget. ANYWAY... Sometimes I get jealous of people as I watch them eat or about to eat. I think, " I wish I could just eat whatever I want whenever I want but nooooo..."

Sorry hate to carry on there but anyway yes I tell my friends all about diabetes! :) I remember in elementary school I had to take a friend with me to the nurse's office and I told them to guess a number between 80 and 300. And then we would see what my blood sugar was! :)

Hahahaha... fun game right? :)

Anyway diabetes is a routine for me now, I think that's good at least.

I totally get where you're coming from.. sometimes I just get so frustrated, and I just kind of give up, and think things like " I'm not going to count the carbs in what I'm eating!" or  "I'm not going to do any ore needles today!"    which generally has bad repercussions ...

sometimes I also get really frustrated with my parents because they treat me like a baby who can't take care of herself a lot, and aside from the occasional bad day, I usually have really good control, but my parents totally don't trust me to do anything by myself.. like if we're eating out, my mum'll be like "don't forget to count the carbs!!" (really loudly so that everyone in the restaurant can hear) and If I say that I already did, she gets mad at me(because she didn't see me do it), and starts yelling about how I need to look after myself better. :(        

 for example,    last week we were in a mall, and I hadn't  had anything to drink all day, so I was getting thirsty, and my dad got a smoothie from the food court ,and the guy accidentally made too much so he put it in another cup, and my dad gave it to me, so I started drinking it, and then my mum came over, and, in the middle of the food court started yelling at my about looking after myself better, and how I was going to have to take extra insulin to cover it, and that I'm going to die of kidney failure when I'm thirty and  my feet are going to have to be amputated when I'm 25 because I don't look after myself at all. etc.     of course I got really upset by this, and all the people that were nearby were starting at us, and I'm usually really shy, and I just couldn't handle it so I started crying, which is not usually something I do. And the only thing I could think of to say to my  mum was that my last A1C was 6.4, which is really good, but she didn't listen to me at all.

sorry I kind of went on a rant there... I've just been so frustrated with my family lately, because they don't try to educate themselves about diabetes,and it seems like they don't listen when I try to tell them about it. I really don't like how little they trust me with anything, even though I'm 18 now, which is legally an adult where I live, and yet they trust my younger brother with way more stuff.... and he comes home from school almost everyday with his backpack full of candy and chocolate and cookies etc. and they don't say anything.   but If I come home with so much as a bread-stick made with white flour, they flip out.....

I have breakdowns, too and yes, it's sooo annoying how undereducated people are about diabetes!! all these misconceptions about "you can't eat sugar" or "can't you die from that?" and the occasional "is that contagious?" make me sooo mad but i get over it.

I remember  the week after i was diagnosed (i was in 3rd grade) i went back to school and the nurse came and talked about diabetes to my whole class (i ended up getting transferred out of that class bc the trailer was like farthest from the nurse's office so it wasnt so great since nobody knew in that class that i had diabetes now except one of my friends..). Then this kid raised his hand and said that you can die from that. I honestly don't remember what the nurse told him next, but i guess it doesn't matter. So when i came home i had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN about how people were going to be mean to me from now on and stuff.

I guess I have learned to deal with stupid people better now, considering that if I didn't have diabetes, I would be one of them (:

but you live and you learn..

I have breakdowns sometimes too. When my blood sugar is high for too long and won't go down,or if I'm low and won't come up,I'll start crying and yelling. And when people tell me how their grandpa or 2nd cousin twice removed yada yada as diabetes and had their foot amputated, I'll start crying.

Oh. My aunt has diabetes and she has really bad lows and it scares me to think tht, tht could happen to me. When I have highs, like not even bad highs, it's basically lik I'm drunk. It's bad. When I'm low I'm kinda sensitive.

Ikr. Im always teasing my friends when they eat stuff. Like I'll be lik, " why do u hate me?" it's so hard. But yeah. I'm getting into a good routine. It helps tht I hav a pump because it's hard give insulin without your bloodsugar. But I seriously hate when I want to eat because the foods ready and I hav to stop and check my blood sugar.

I know what you mean about parents. Mine are horrible. My dad doesn't even try to pretend that he doesn't know about diabetes. Around when I was first diagnosed, he would always ask me did you check your insulin?" I would then assume he meant bloodsugar so I would say" You mean bloodsugar?" He would answer by saying" Who cares, you know what I meant." That always bothered me. Also, most of the time when I ask for dessert at a restaurant, my mom will say," You don't all that suger." like i don't take insulin as it is. Plus, there's no point in talking to her about diabetic stuff because she has no idea what i'm talking about. She's never yelled at me about dying or anything like that, but she's still really bothersome. And like when it comes to how uneducated people are, I like when people aren't to scared to ask questions, but it kind of gets annoying when literally, the exact same questions are asked. And for some reason people, well the people know,  all seem to have thought insulin brought your blood sugar up. Like i'll be talking about being low and they'll say something along the lines of," You need to take insulin." I'm like, "That brings me lower!" It bothers me. But at the same time it's kind of funny to see their confused face, afterwards. But of course that just leads to more questions. Ugh. I haven't had diabetes for a full year yet so, and i don't know if this had happened to others, but it's still kind of awkward when I tell people I have diabetes. Like i either hesitate for a like a whole minute, or it comes out a whisper. It's like, I do everything for diabetes, but when it comes to actually saying it, it's kind of like thats when reality hits. Like the moment of truth.  

I'll say it, I was at my friend's house and had a complication and so I was taking care of it, and I seriously had a huge break down in their bathroom. I was sobbing my eyes out. Then a few weeks later the same thing happened and I just got mad. I'm sure they could all tell because I know my jaw was set and everything. And yes, I completely understand. Sometimes I want my parents to just stop helping me and making such a big deal of it but other times I don't want to do it and so I'm like "can you do this?".

My friends are pretty understanding and usually I just remind myself that they are interested in my welfare, so there is no reason to get mad or upset at them when they ask me questions. But I think most of them are pretty used to it because they basically don't treat me any differently, unless I say like "I'm having a problem right now, I have to go handle it".

Completely understand where you are coming from on both accounts. :)

Oh my gosh, I totally understand. I just switched schools from a school where nobody cared that I was diabetic, but in a bad way. My new bestie is a nurse's daughter, so her mom told her all about diabetes. She comes up with really lame jokes like "Ma'am, do you know how fast your insulin was going" and one time when we went to Wendy's with our class and she said "Why aren't they sitting with us, it's not like we're diabe... oops" She does that every day at lunch now :)

Haha thats funny. My friends so lame/stupid things too. Weirdos. Lol. And I know what you mean about wanting your parents to do stuff for you. Sometimes I'll ask my mom to send my endocrinologist an email, and she'll say,"why can't you do it? You have her email. And you have a computer." and I'll be like,"yeah, but your computers already on, and you're already on the Internet." she can be annoyingly annoying sometimes.

It is a hard balance with dibetes.  You want people to konw how hard your life is but also you don't really want to explain it to them.  That is why I ignore people when they ask me or tell me I have diabetes.  Yes, people tell me, like I don't already know...

sometimes i get so sad about being diabetic, like, i  constantly wonder what Gods plan is and why me being diabetic had to be a part of it, but then i tell myself that i like having diabetes, if i didn't, i would not be the person that i am today, like, its become a part of your life you know?

There's times when i get low that i break down an fry ccause i dont want tobe dealing with it. But then i realize i need to stop cause id rather i have it then anyone else i know.So i get over it bt itsdefiantly made me wayy stronger.

I always have to say, "God has a reason for this!" A friend of mine told me awhile ago that I was the reason he didn't commit suicide after his diagnosis... wow. He was diagnosed a year or so after me and couldn't believe that I lived like a "normal" person despite Diabetes. God always has a plan! Keep your head up! one day they'll find a cure and we'll be free again :)

yes i do all the time its just so frusterating its just not fair to us i also get mad at people with type 2 beacause its thier falt they have it and we cant control haveing type 1 or not

It's interesting that type 1s are so frustrated with the world's lack of knowledge (which makes them say dumb things) about type 1, yet some of you are ignorant enough about type 2s that you not only say dumb things ("its [sic] their [sic] falt [sic] they have it"), but are also irrationally angry at someone else struggling with a disease that has nothing to do with you.

Grow up and learn some things about type 2, if you're going to go around stating incorrect information.

just so you know i do know about type 2 how about you stop being a jerk