I really don't think you do.  Just like people think they know about type 1, but really don't.  Why are you angry at type 2s?  Did they cause your diabetes?  Type 2s have to start with a genetic component.  That right there makes it clear it is not their fault.  I'm not intending to be a jerk and I apologize for giving you that impression.  I'm trying to help educate.

I don't think type 2s caused it it just annoys me because they can control it with stuff  and they think they know how you feel

OK EVERYONE! I don't think anyone meant to offend or upset anyone! I think the point trying to be conveyed is T1Ds have to take shots and T2Ds typically don't. There's an ability to just about if not completely rid of t2d, but not t1d. They are two completely different diseases. Different treatments, different problems. Everyone take a breath now.

Anyway, we all have bad days and breakdowns! What matters is how much you let that control your existence- Will you let the hand you've been dealt control how you advance through the game? Keep your head up! :)

I totally do! Sometimes i find myself crying for no reason, or getting mad at my diabetes.  I also hate when my mom says "she is cranky her blood sugar must be high or low!!" when its not...! ugh ugh ugh hhaha