Breastfeeding and T1D

Hi Everyone–

So, I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting my son in a few weeks. I’d like to try to breastfeed, though I understand many women struggle with it. Is anyone here currently (or even formerly) breastfeeding? Did you have any issues specific to T1D that others may not prepare me for? I have read that it may take more time than usual for my milk to come in and that breastfeeding causes lows (so keep snacks nearby while feeding the baby).

So many people struggle and give up on breastfeeding in general–I’d appreciate any success stories!

I breastfed and I am T1diabetic.

I did not have any issues with my milk coming in, however I got extreme lows because I was accounting for the carbs I was eating. It will take you awhile to adjust, for me I did not need any more than my basal while breastfeeding and I cut my basal rate by half. (I use an insulin pump).

My struggles with breastfeeding had nothing to do with my diabetes, rather with him latching. It is very tough and the benefits outweigh the negatives, but nobody will fault you if it does not workout… I wanted someone to tell me it was ok if I couldn’t :slight_smile:

I did exclusively pump for the 1st 6 months to get the benefit, we are on bottle now.

The only issues specific to T1 were what you already addressed…lows. I made sure my son’s nursery was stocked with juice boxes and crackers within reach of where I’d be nursing so that if a low hit while he was eating I could treat at the same time. Your life will be hectic with everything, so paying attention to your diabetes will probably take a back seat (at least it did with me), so don’t be surprised if you’re running low a lot. Just treat and do the best you can.

With my son (4.5 years old), my milk came in a little later than I would have liked, but I’m pretty sure it was in by day 5. We had trouble latching and I had supply issues, so that sucked, but not because of T1. I returned to work when he was 13w old, nursed him three times per day and pumped times per day. He was fully weaned at 13 months old

With my daughter (5 months old), I had colostrum in months before she was born. My milk came in by day 3. She also had latching issues, but nothing related to T1. I’m planning on nursing her until she’s 1 year old and then start weaning. Oh, and I’m a SAHM now, so don’t need to worry about pumping, but do have a large freezer stash that I’ll be donating to a milk bank.

My milk came in late, my son wouldn’t latch, and I didn’t produce enough, but I don’t think those issues were diabetes related. I pumped for 8 months and my insulin needs were very low that whole time. Like others said, keep juice or candy near you!

Thanks everyone. My son ended up being born at 34.5 weeks and tonight is his first night at home. Talk about lows! I’m still getting the hang of this feeding/pumping thing and just trying not to crash too bad in between. When I have time I’ll post my delivery story–it was quite a doozy, including a few D snafus.