Hey ladies,
I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease on top of the T1D. I’m still nursing my 8 month old. I nursed my first for 19 months until he self weaned, so I was planning on doing the same with this one. I want opinions on this lofty goal. Nursing and T1D is already fun enough, and I’m concerned about nursing through the transition to a gluten free diet. I’m also probably going to have to cut out dairy and maybe soy so my ‘gut can heal’. Is this too much on my body? I’m really interested in anyone else’s experiences and really any opinions at all. It’s greatly appreciated!

Wow, yes- breastfeeding was tricky enough w diabetes…adding the nutritional changes and restrictions that you now need to do may be too much for your body. I’m sorry I don’t have experience eating a gluten-free diet but 2 babies within 2 years, each w 1 year of nursing I had to make sure my diet had lots of good stuff in it:). I’m sure you’ve already made adjustments but I would worry about my bones and nutritional stores. I imagine it would be a hard decision, wanting the best for baby but also wanting to stay healthy yourself. What did you end up doing?

@Rebekah321 I have not yet had a child and been breast feeding, I am currently trying to conceive though… I have a lot of nutrition issues as well and I would recommend looking at the Paleo diet, not so much as a “diet” but as a method to heal your gut. I have also found that it works really well with my T1D as well. Specifically bone broth and fermented foods have been great for my gut health and T1D. There are some great cookbooks and a lot of information even on Pinterest about pregnancy and Paleo so it might be worth checking on, I’m sure there are chapters on breastfeeding, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

So I know that I’m coming in a little late in the game here, but did you continue to breastfeed?

I breastfed our first, and plan to with our second, and I think that if it gets to be too much your body will let you know. If you start constantly having lows, or you notice your supply really take a hit, then maybe it’s time to wean. However, your body is totally capable of still making milk. I would highly recommend still taking a prenatal vitamin to balance everything out (as I’m sure you do anyways).

My only concern would be that it gets to be too much on your plate and breastfeeding ends up being more stressful than it’s worth. In that case, formula fed babies do just fine!!

Good luck momma!