Bringing it up to friends

how do you bring it up to someone who asks a question or two. All i need is a few tips

Honestly all you need to do is tell them and explain what has to happen and everything. If they can't except that then they are not good friends... !!!!!!! Trust me I have plenty of friends who like me even with diabetes.

If someone already asked you about it you can be sure they are interested in an answer.  All I would suggest is giving a simple answer to start off, and give more information if they want to know more.

In my opinion, if they ask, or even if they stare, they care. I agree: if they're taking the time to ask you about it, they do want to know. Just explain it to them like you would anyone else. Like you do to family. Give it to them as it is, if there's one thing I've learned since I've been diagnosed, it is how important it is that friends know the truth about it.