Brittle Again

Man oh Man, after 28 of having type1 I am still having those moments of being brittle. Yesterday I was at 355 took 4 units of Novolog and 12 units of Levamir. I checked my BG's 7 times yesterday. I ate 7 small meals, I went to bed at BG 135 but still had a dangerous low this morning, "sigh". Novolog alway's hits me like a ton of bricks not matter how much I eat or check my BG's? I am almost completley done using the fast acting Novolog? "GRRRRR" I would rather suffer high's than low's, my low's are endangering my living arrangement. I would rather have high BG's that to be homeless. "sigh' "GRRRRR"

Hi Jon,  Do you go to a endocrinologist?  If not, you need to find a really good one.  Also, have you ever taken Lantus?  I do believe you can have more control.  I think you have to change some things with maybe another kind of insulin.  Are you possibly taking too much homolog?  Maybe you have to change doses or times of day.  I actually split my Lantus up twice a day.  I really hope things will get better for you.


Yeah I have seen 7 different top notch endo's in the seattle area, Dr.Irl

Hirsh University of Washington, Dr. Ed Benson Virginia Mason and Group

Health, Dr. Steven Gross Viginia Mason and Group Health, Dr. Carrie

Bagatell Highline Hospital, Dr. rodney Skogland Highline Hospital Dr. Allen

Sussman "currently see Dr. Sussman every 3 months" Southlake Diabetes and

Thyroid Clinic and also Rainier Clinical Research Center, Joslin center

Swedish Hospital Seattle, two two week Type 1 training classes, Virginia

Mason seattle two two week type1 training classes etc. etc. etc.. Do not

assume just because I am having problems that I don't see endocrinologists.

I also partook in a tweo clinical research trial for the Minimed Constant

Glucose Monitor, I have also seen about twenty diabetic nutritionist's. In

my 28 years of having type 1 I have seen and done it all. My suggested Levamir instead of Lantus I like Novo-Nordisk Levamir I just don't like either Novo-Nordisk Novolog or Eli Lilly Humalog.

Are you taking the Levemir in a split dose or just single dose? Do your low sugars usually occur in the morning? If so, then I would decrease the amount you take at bedtime by one unit every two nights until you get the mornings leveled off. I am having problems with my Levemir lately (have been on it for nearly six years). I went to bed the other night with my blood sugar around 16 mmol/l(approx 288 mg/dl) and woke up six hours later and it had fallen to 2.8 (approx 50). Since then I have decreased my night time dose by two units and am not having my usual morning lows. Good luck with everything!

Alisha that is the best advice I have heard here yet, "Thank You" I will try that. Even after 28 years of having type 1 I am still on a really low dose, 12 units of Levamir morning and 12 units of Levamir at night. All my Endo's can figure is that I am on some sort of lifelong "Honeymoon period"? So my Islet's/Pancreas are still emiting insulin every now and then, especially when I am under alot of stress? I have also cut way back on my Novolog for my immediate highs, I am only going to be taking 2 units of Novolog no matter how high my BG's are. Again thank you for the tip on the Levamir.

Your welcome, Hope it helps you! I have become quite well at adjusting my insulin as my needs fluctuate quite a lot. I never had the "Honeymoon period", by the time I was finally properly diagnosed my islet's were completely gone. I have been on high doses of insulin pretty much the whole time, but I find most people I know or have spoken to are on a fairly low dose.

With regards to the stress and the insulin production, do you notice any kind of pattern with it? I read some research a while back and they were talking about how the pancreas will regenerate the islets every so often and how our immune systems will attack the cells once again, so maybe that's what is going on?!?!?

Thank you again Alisha. I wonder why all of the great Endo's I have had have never mentioned this about my iislet's? You are absolutely right about that, I did some research. Sometimes we Type 1's know more than these P.H.D's and M.D.'s but you can never tell them that because of their pride and ego, 'sigh'. In the back of my mind I knew my body was still emiting insulin but I never made the connection that my body was trying real hard to still make my Islet's. I am constantly walking the tightrope, I wish my body would just give up trying to make Islet's so I could nail down a constant insulin pattern without as many fears of Insulin reactions.

I'm not sure why they wouldn't. I have never been to an endocrinologist in the time that I have had T1 for. Most of us T1's I am sure do probably know more than some of the medical professionals. I research quite often about break throughs that they make with diabetes or possible "cures"/better treatments. I know how frustrating it is to be constantly changing the insulin doses. I have been adjusting my doses ever since diagnosis. One week I will need this and then the next I will need that and mean while my numbers will either plummet or go through the roof!!!