Broken bones and type 1

my 12 year old son broke his leg playing football.. his sugars have been very high.. 350 at 2 in the morning.. is this normal..  do i wake him up and give him regular insulin or increase his levemir..  please share any advice.. how long will they stay up during the healing process.. thanks

Hi Kerri -

I'm sorry to hear of your son's injury! I know I've broken a bone or two when I was a kid, and it's not easy with diabetes. Since I've been on an insulin pump for 5 years, I'm a tad out of the loop with injection therapy. Regardless, I would recommend you investigate the current situation a little bit more and communicate with your doctor about it. The best thing you can is to keep records about what food your son is eating (especially for dinner), when he's taking insulin and what kind, and try to test more often. I can remember when I was sick as a kid, my mother would wake me up almost every hour to test in the nighttime. This is the important information that can help your doctor decide what to do from there!

im currently playing college football and were much more common to get hurt but you should definitely up the nightly one. talk to your dr but if you want it to heal like a normal kid you want your sugars to be as normal as possible. also is he taking the long lasting insulin before bed? 

HIs inactivity is probably affecting his blood sugars and this is normal.  You probably need to increase his insulin to match this.  Broken bones do not cause high blood sugars unless an infection is present.  It will take much longer to heal if he has high sugars.  Absolutely fix the highs per your usual protocol.

Jewels is completely spot on. Over the course of my life and racing career I have broken and fractured dozens of bones.  Not direct connection between the healing of these structures and BGs running one way or the other. 

When I am sick, however, especially if fighting an infection my BGs run high.  Of course the doctor and CDE are the best references on this, but I have had to use 75% more insulin during those times.

Good luck!  I hope he gets back on the field quickly!