Broken Pump

Hey guys! so this weekend I was about 160 miles away from home, I was visiting a friend in portland Oregon when I was laying on the ground when i went to jump up i kinda flopped onto my side and landed right on my pump (it is a medtronic mini670G with a sensor) … it wasn’t a lot of force on it but it still broke my pump… I’m glad i had extra sets and reservoir because i had no needles with my but i gave my self my insulin by running it through my set tubbing and a reservoir… there was not a lot of force that broke my pump and the alarm was going off on it… but if this happens to you, hold the back button down for about 30 seconds and then call medtronic! they will send you a new pump with next day air!

It’s true, I’ve had to do this twice before too. I was river rafting in Utah (I lived in Las Vegas at the time which was 6 hours away) and turns out the “waterproof” case my dad bought for my pump, wasn’t so waterproof after all. We called Medtronic and managed with the insulin we had for the day until they could get another one to us. It’s so relaxing in knowing that if anything happens they’ll always help.