I feel broken today.   I dont think I really have a reason either.

Monday I had a great endo appt.  my a1c went from 7.9 to 7.1.  Tuesday my lovely JDRF fleece jacket came in the mail.  Wednesday I fired my diabetes coach because she (non diabetic) told me she "understands how I feel", I got a new coach the same day. Thursday, its Thursday.  Friday, I went and bought a bunch of scrapbooking things....yet I have never scrapbooked nor know where to start.

See, how can I be broken after a week like that...but I feel broken.  Does anyone else ever feel like that/this??


BTW...yeah this is my first real post.

Congrats on the lower a1c! that's awesome! It sounds like it's been a great week. I always get really frustrated when i don't feel great after a great week - tonight, for instance, i'm exhausted and just feeling sort of down, even though this week i have had lots of good things happen - including getting the job that i've been pining after! 

It helps me to think about how much worse i'd feel if i had had a bad week - if i hadn't gotten that job, i'd be feeling like this, but probably MUCH worse, because at least this semi-bad mood is buffered by that good news. 

Until recently, i'd always been really skeptical, but meditation is awesome. Totally relaxes me and makes me feel like i've got things a little more under control. i recommend this:
I've never finished it cuz it relaxes me so much that i fall asleep...  

I am with you. I could barely stand last night. I was so exhausted but the day was not that bad. I too have days like that for no reason it seems. A1C's sound great though. Many of us feel like you. You are not alone.

Hi there! I have felt like that a lot lately. I was diagnosed two years ago and have been struggling a bit ever since. My A1C went up to 7.6 which was hard to hear. I have always been between 6.5-7. Not sure why I can't ever get below that.

Lately I have been freaking out about complications after our local news station ran a story about Diabetes Complications. It has consumed my mind ever since. I was intially diagnosed type 2 for six months--even though I am 5'7' and was 100lbs. It wasn't until my weight dropped to under 100 lbs and I looked like a walking skeleton that my doctor finally decided to run an anti-body test on me. I think that because I am 30 he thought I was wasy too old to have type 1--even though the classic symptoms were there. It freaks me out to think how long I went without insulin and what that did to my body. Thank God, I got a great endo.

It is wonderful that you are going to start scrapbooking. I need to find something like that. I am thinking of taking a flower arranging class with my mother.

I am really gladto hear that you fired your diabetes coach as I can't stand when people make ignorant comments or act like they know what you're going through. This is my first real post--even though I'm responding, not really posting. I understand how you feel--broken. What we live with is hard--it's a 24/7 illness that you can't take a break from. It's horrible and while things could always be worse, you are ABSOLUTELY entitled to feel the way you feel. I am glad to know that I am not alone in my feelings.

Sen me a note when you feel this way--it is nice to know that you're not alone and there is someone else who feels exactley the same way you do. Take care!

Welcome to my addiction ( scrapbooking)!  Congrats on the numbers....  You came to the right place to share feelings about diabetes , people here do understand!   

Yeahh, i've felt like that your not the only one! don't worry... take it one step at a time!