Bruised Rib

We were playing a game were you had to throw the other person in the pool, like king of the hill only on the side of the pool. I was about to get thrown so i tried to get around the person and ended up falling into the side of the pool and ended up brusing a rib, i didnt go to the doctor so i dont know for sure but i'm 99.9 percent sure because it happend 2 days ago and it still hurts, not as bad but still a bit, so is a rib something thats going to take awhile to heal or not?

Oh, man, Billy, I hate to tel you, but ribs take a long time to heal!  If you bruised your ribs, you probably already know to try to avoid: coughing, sneazing, laughing, and even just rolling onto that side while you sleep! 

Hang in there; eventually it'll heal!


Hopefully it is just a bruise by your ribs and not a bruised or cracked rib.  As I always seem to do when I am answering your posts, I will still recommend you have a doc take a look,  While I am at it, I will also recommend that you make sure to get an x-ray just in case. 

That said, rib injuries can hurt for a couple or more weeks and as Nads indicated they can be aggravated by a good many things.  Best of luck, take care, and heal fast! :)




Ribs can take up to a few months to heal depending on how badly they are hurt.  My ex boyfriend and dad have both broken their ribs before.  My Ex never let his heal properly and still get a sting of pain once and a while, but thats cause he didnt go to a dr. to get checked out.  My dad is fine now but it took him over a month to fully heal, so be careful and baby that side.  I also say go to a Dr. to get checked out so you know the extent of your damage and get a solid time frame.  Hang in there it does heal