BS troubles

So I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I’ve been having trouble keeping my blood sugars down, and usually this is not an issue for me at all. My theory is it’s due to the immune response to the gluten, just like when I’m sick with the flu. Does that make any sense? I can’t go gluten free until after my endoscopy to confirm the blood work.

Second, rice based carbs require MUCH more insulin for me. Anyone else have this problem? I’m worried about how tricky my boluses might become with my new diet.

Finding it difficult to remember our experiences from before our daughter was dx’d with coeliacs (4.5yrs ago), 6 mths after T1D dx. We had been told that things might settle down once we adopted the GF diet. It didn’t. Having said that, the GF diet meant we had even better insight into the food intake given that we were making things ourselves and often avoiding carbs as a result so thereby reducing the overall insulin intake to cover those carbs.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with high blood sugars. I’m not sure what to tell you as I had the exact opposite problem. The only symptom I had was low blood sugars every morning that I couldn’t avoid, no matter what I did. I’m guessing that was because breakfast was usually a whole wheat bagel that wasn’t getting digested properly. Along that vein, I would’ve guessed that your body needs more insulin for rice than for wheat because you’re actually digesting it (whereas the wheat-based carbs probably cause the immune-response and don’t get fully absorbed). I found, overall, that I need less insulin now than before my diagnosis 3 years ago. It’s like I’ve become less insulin-resistant since then. But everyone’s different and there will definitely be an adjustment period when your diet changes. I transitioned to a GF diet slowly over about 2 months, and I think that helped a little. It also helped with not having to throw out a ton of food :slight_smile:

Very interesting thoughts! I’ll ask my endo for an updated ratio for non-wheat based carbs. Thanks for the responses!

You’re welcome! If you can see a nutritionist and haven’t already, ask your endo if he/she can recommend one. There’s one right at my endo’s office (she specializes in nutrition for diabetics) and she was super helpful.