Bug bites anyone?

I was told a little while ago by a nondiabetic, that people with diabetes don't get bit by bugs much because their blood sugar is off. I was skeptical at first - wasn't sure I trusted her Type 1 knowledge :-) - but I thought about it and since being diagnosed two years ago, I can't remember a single mosquito bite! I recently went on a hike and while everyone else was being swarmed, I didn't get a single bite.  It makes sense in that bugs that bite, such as mosquitos, rely on our blood.  If our blood is not perfect, it will effect them.  Anyone heard anything about this? Any personal experience or scientific proof out there to back this up?

I have heard somewhere that people with certain blood types may be more prone to mosquito bites (I'm not sure where I heard this, so don't take my word for it 100%!). Gavi (my D child) and my husband have the same blood type, and they are both very prone to bites, and Gavi has terrible reactions to them (they end up getting really swollen and big). My and Rafi (my non-D child) have the same blood type and we barely have any type of reaction to mosquito bites. It is kind of strange that I haven't seen any bites on Gavi yet this year. I'm definitely not complaining, but he started novolog last month, maybe it does have some truth to it? Maybe he has yet to get a mosquito bite because his blood sugar numbers aren't perfect?


My blood sugar isn't usually off and I get eaten alive out here - though I'm far from convinced these two things are related...



Don't think diabetes has much to do with it.  I've seen posts from diabetics who get attacked by mosquitos and attribute it to D and other diabetics who never get bitten and attribute it to D.  Consider yourself lucky that they don't like you!


I am with A-D, the other night i seen two in the truck before we want to bed and the next day I was sitting in church when my foot was itching. And later that day I find out I have six bits. And my dad (non-diabetic) said that he did not get bit once. Two weeks ago I was at a youth thing for my church and I got about fiveteen bits. I think I am the only one in my family that gets bit like that.

Very interesting! I used to get bit all the time - so that's why I thought it was noteworthy! Sounds like it really does depend on the person.

I am the ONLY one in my family who gets bug bites. My mom always told me it was because my blood was so sweet. When I was growing up, whenever our cats had fleas I would wake up the next morning covered in bites. I used to pretty much bathe in lotion to stop the itching.

As I type this I am trying NOT to scratch about 15 bites that are covering my lower back, legs and feet.

What I've heard is that they are more attracted to high BG but one I was low and my camp counselor (non diabetic) was standing next to me but I was the one who got eaten so I don't think it's a thing