My son and I both just survived 3 days of dance rehearsals and 2 performances (the last being a school show this morning).

He is in bed now with 102.9 fever, coughing, runny nose, headache, body aches, feels horrible.

I'm supposed to go to D.C. Thursday-Monday to be with some girlfriends on an annual trip.  At least I'm not out a plane ticket this year if I cannot go (since I'm driving 3.5 hours to D.C., if I go).

I'm tracking his fluids and blood sugar.  This is the first time he's been sick since diagnosis.

I missed work today for dancing and had scheduled off Thursday-Monday for my trip.  I've already call in for a sick day tomorrow.

Poor kid.  When he got sick before his diagnosis, kids at school thought he was missing because of jetlag.  We'd just returned from Rome less than 24 hours before he starting vomiting.  This time we just finished up these huge dance performances, yet there is a massive Chemistry project due tomorrow and he is worried about how bad it looks to anyone who isn't staring down the thermometer like I am.  Sigh.

Ahh, I know what this is!!

Sorry to hear your son is sick (I swear I didn't pass it on via Internet :P). It's a nuisance to get rid of, it took me a few weeks to get over it, but to be honest it wasn't hard on my bg at all. Hoping it's easy for you & Aaron!!

Angie that blows. I am sorry to hear that your son got sick. The good news is he is young and will hopefully throw it off. Make sure you talk to your endo though if you have yet come up with a full sick day plan. Other than the testing and stuff to see if there is anything else. How did your tendons hold up though? I know this was the first time for you in a while right?

Sorry you'll miss DC. ): We're having good weather here now. Hopefully he gets over it fast!

Brian, how incredibly sweet that you asked and remembered about me!  Yes, it was my first dance performance since this time last year.  I have horrible shin splints right now---dancing on sawdust is hard word on wimpy legs.   It wore me out, but I made it through and was so pleased with myself.  You mentioned something about ultimate frisbee in another post I saw.  My son LOVES ultimate frisbee and plays with a mixed high school/college group on Sunday afternoons.

I think I'm getting sick, but the jury is still out.

My husband is pushing me to still go to D.C.  I think he just wants rid of me.  ;-) 

My son had a WICKED nosebleed today that he is convinced was caused by his doctor doing the influenza test on him this morning.  They stick a long swab way up your nose, as if trying to touch your brain.  Anyway, blood everywhere.

We're sure he's still honeymooning, so hopefully that will help, too.  298 is the highest he's been today.

Alyssa, if you'd passed something to my son over the internet, I'd probably be tickled.

I very well could have! No, on a more serious side, I do hope your son is feeling better. Keep us updated?

Every so often my memory will kick in for things like that. I am sorry about the shin splints, they are never a fun thing to endure. As I am sure you know there are some stretches out there that are supposed to help. I never had much luck with them, but oh well.

As for the bloody nose, it could have been a combination of the stick up the nose that caused the bloody nose to happy or it could be depending on what your sons body is doing is that his nasal passages have tried out completely from the illness and fever. That has caused me to have numerous bloody noses. Dry heat would usually set them off for me.

As long as you don't catch a cold you might want to escape to DC for some time off. We all need time off. Let your husband enjoy time with your children and be the loving nurturer that you normally are.

And I love Ultimate Frisbee, I could spend hours playing it...

sorry your son is sick!! :( about missing the chemistry project, do his teachers know that he is diabetic? if they know then they might be able to just dismiss the problem because they know that he was truly sick and not faking it. Or are there any other adults that work at school that would stick up for him if the teacher doesn't believe him? i made the mistake of not telling my teacher that  i was diabetic and when i had a problem with my pump, she wouldn't let me go to the bathroom to fix it. I had to go to the principal because the teacher didn't believe me and none of my classmates offered to explain that yes, I am diabetic.

hope he feels better soon!! :)