Burn out

Raise your hand if you’re feeling the burn out.

raises both hands

10 weeks to go until full-term. Is it nap time yet?



This made me laugh out loud!! You are so funny! If you are tired now, wait till after the baby is born!! hahaha get as much sleep as possible NOW, trust meeeeee lol

Everyone keeps telling me that @Gina but it seems impossible! haha

I’m going on sick leave at the end of November (so end of next week) and I’m hoping being off will not only help with my control but also give me a chance to “rest up” as people keep telling me to do. I’ve had to take a lot of half days or full days off work due to exhaustion as I’m waking up 2-3x a night just to deal with my diabetes lately on top of insomnia, my guy’s snoring, the cats, needing to pee, etc etc haha.


I completely understand I’ve been there! My son’s head was on my bladder for most of my pregnancy. My belly got huge in the 8th month and I couldn’t sleep because I was so uncomfortable. Do you have one of those body pillows? That helped me sleep better. My husband also checked my blood sugars overnight so that I could sleep. Do you think your man would help? It helped me tremendously!


I have a regular body pillow from Target that I use from time to time; I used it every night earlier in my pregnancy but don’t find I need it all the time now and doesn’t make a difference for how much sleep I get.

Kyle was really good at checking my dexcom before leaving for work and waking me if it was high or low but I haven’t been wearing it since I had a site on my thigh fail after 24hours a few weeks ago; thinking about trying it again now that I’ve stopped using my thighs for injections all together and given them a break from being used by the dexcom too. He is a heavy sleeper so it’s harder for him to wake up than it is for me, sometimes it takes me a solid 30 minutes of continuously waking him to get him wake up enough to roll over onto his side so he’ll stop snoring and I can go back to sleep haha.

I think being able to nap during the day will help a lot with not being able to get enough sleep at night.

Sounds like being on sick leave will be good for you so you can rest up. I’m only 17 weeks now so I can’t offer much advice since I haven’t been that far along yet.

Good Luck!

I’m mostly feeling the diabetes burnout. Eight straight months of obsessing over blood sugars is exhausting!

Yes!!! Only eight weeks in and feeling that way. Sooo tired with first trimester exhaustion, but when you add in waking up several times throughout the night to check on your blood sugar it can feel like A LOT!

omg yes so much burnout! I have been close to tears so many times, and I know it’s the diabetes burnout and not hormones haha.