Burning sensation after injecting insulin

Hello. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a burning sensation after injecting their insulin? My dad ( he's type 2 but is insulin dependant)and I (type 1, 25yrs.) both have this happen to us. It stings pretty bad, sometimes you can rub it out and others you can't. We both primarily use our abdomen as injection sites, it seems to hurt less :)

do you keep your insulin in the fridge? i've only had a weird feeling(though i can't say it was burning..it's been so long i can't remember that much detail) when i kept my insulin in the fridge and would use it straight from the fridge only.

Yes, I keep my insulin in the fridge but even if I leave it out for a while I still get the burning. It doesn't happen everytime though. I had heard that before about using cold insulin, just wasn't sure if it was true or not. I keep forgetting to ask my endo. Thank you for your reply. :)

When i was on shots i used to feel a burning sensation i would roll it in my palms to warm it up a bit that used to help. have you tried that?

You know, i had this issue too and when i went to my Endo. He just told me that some people have sensitive bodies. and when a foreign object is thrust into it, it makes you feel as though you have been hurt to alarm you that something isnt right.... hope that helps :)

no but I will give it a try, thanks. I just took my bedtime shot so I'll try it in the morning. :)


let us know how it goes!

Yeah, sounds like you're injecting it when it's too cold! Are you on syringes or pens? I'm not too sure about pens, but when i was on syringes, I kept my un opened insulin in the fridge, and when I opened a new vial, kept it in the cupboard (unless it was going to be a crazy hot day). I had to throw it out after a month anyway, so it worked fine, and it stopped burning too! You should right yourself a list of questions for the next time you go for your check up! I know I could never remember everything I have to ask. Guess that's when you come to Juvenation ;D 

Is it lantus that you are giving? Short acting insulin shouldn't burn very much.  Ice your spot prior or take the needle cap and push it onto  the spot you will be injecting for 10 seconds and then give it. Insulin never really burns me.  However my 5 year old was taking lantus and she cried every time from the burning.  Our endo said it is like injecing little crystals- very irritating to the skin. She suggested trying Levemir instead that it shouldn't hurt like that.


I know when my daughter takes her Lantus, she complains it stings. I was at a clinic that our local hospital just held a couple of weeks ago, and a rep was there from the company that makes Lantus. I asked her about it. In a "Readers Digest Condensed Version" here is what she said.

Lantus has a PH balance of 7. Our body's normal PH is 4. The reason for this stinging is because of the higher PH in the Lantus, but that is what allows the Lantus to be a basal insulin, as the higher PH allows for it to absorb into the system slower. She recommended NOT refrigerating the Lantus after the first dose (it is good for 28 days then) and that should help.

Per my daughter's dr's recommendation back in September, I did stop refrigerating it, and that did help. I have found that I can watch for areas that do sting more, and they are close to capliaries, so I try to keep away from those areas. (She prefers her abdomen also).

I know the explaination dosen't help take away the pain, but at least I now understand WHY it causes the "ow, ow, OW OW OW" while I am giving her her Lantus shot.

Okay I tried rolling the insulin before I injected it this morning but it still burned a little bit.

 I take humalog and levemir by syringe.

 I thought of leaving my insulin out of the fridge all the time but I had one endo tell me to keep it in the fridge and the other not to. So I was a little confused. I am going to try not keeping it cold and see what happens then.

I'lll let you know the results.

i never keep opened insulin in the fridge. it takes in a comestic bag i keep my needles in and i carry it around with me at all times. i find i can actually feel it being injected only when i use a new bottle right after taking it from the fridge, instead of after a few hours of it being in my needle bag.

I discovered last night that my lantus did sting a bit when I was injecting it..I was using my thigh(I normally use my stomach) so maybe it's the spot you do your shot? Do you rotate at all and find sometimes it doesn't burn?

When I was injecting, I used my thighs the most. Being so skinny, it was hard trying to pinch enough fat on my stomach, and this usually ended up hurting, but your right, everyone has there good and bad spots.

I have had diabetes for about 7 years, i use insulin pens (humalog and lantis) and i have found that the only time my insulin stings is when i give it to myself in my arm. Other than that its never bothered me before. And i to prefer to take it in my stomache and my legs, but change my sites often to keep from pooling.

I basically only use my abdomen, I rotate as much as I can. I use my arms for allergy shots only. I hardly ever use my thighs, plus in the summer I don't want to be able to see my occassional bruises.

I also once opened do not refrigerate.  My daughter complained of the same thing at first.  Especially the lantus.  We do lantus in her hip area now and have not had any issues since.

I've sortof had that problem but its only with my Lantus but i think that just because Lantus is slightly more acidic than novolog or humalog.

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Okay I tried rolling the insulin before I injected it this morning but it still burned a little bit.

 I take humalog and levemir by syringe


Yeah i hav the same problem with levimir only. i dont know about you but i have huge bruise type things all over my stomach from where it burned but when i touch it, it doesn't hurt. maybe there is some corelation and i would love for that to be explained to me!!!

Gives hope,and made me think of something I read in blogs.titled-Don't know how to blog....,type 1 babies that were diagnosed  with type1,but may not really have it ?? Lillys Story---I always have hope when I read anything in the news that points to progress,Thanks for the info.