how do you know which brands are the most heart healthy-what brands do you buy ?

Personally, I have started to go with natural foods, Like butter. Being in my nutrition classes iv elearned that margarine is not very good for you at all.  when it comes to things like this, I always look for ingredients, the less thats in it, the better it probably is.  The more stuff added to it, the more unnatural it is, preservatives and all that stuff, usually are not that good for you.  But this is just what I have learned to do, hope it helps some.

Thank you Andrew-I think you are right-years ago they told everyone margarine was better for us.I hear now we should go back to butter !! I keep trying to make small changes in our diets....Maybe they will all add up to a healthier way of life.

I agree with Andrew - natural foods is the way to go. (Besides they taste better!) So many of the processed foods, your body does not recognize as food (like Splenda). So you end up with weird chemicals floating around in your body that have no nutritional value. I don't know, seems kind of sketchy to me. At least I know that my body can break down naturally occuring fats and sugars.

I am trying though to use more olive oil. Like eating that with bread or on potatoes instead of butter. But I also believe that everything in moderation is OK too.

Warning cute kid story: This weekend, I came back into the (strangely quiet) dining room and find my two kids (age 4 and 20 mos) dipping their fingers in the last remains on the butter dish! Big smiles on their faces and very matter-of fact when I asked what they were doing; "Eating butter, mom!"