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My 4 year old isn't on insulin yet, he has positive antibodies and his BG numbers have been higher lately. He can be a big eater at times and get pretty hungry, even at snack time. What kind of snacks are filling that don't have too many carbs? We try not to give him more than 20/25 carbs for snacks, but sometimes it's tough because of how hungry he can get!

Yes, of course you can! :o) That's what I'm here for!

Foods that are higher in protein, fat, and fiber will keep your child's belly full for longer. These foods take longer to digest, so it gives that "full" feeling for a longer period of time. 

Examples of these foods would be things like low-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc), fruits and veggies with dip (because your child is only 4, full- fat dressings and dips are okay), lunch meats, whole-grain foods (bread, crackers, pitas, bagels, etc) with a protein or fat topping such as peanut butter or cheese, and nuts. Of course there are more foods than just these, but I figured these would be the most kid friendly. Is your 4-year old adventurous in trying new foods? If he is, you can see if he would be willing to try things like hummus. Hummus is made from ground garbanzo beans and comes in many different flavors. 

Because he is only 4 years old, he is going to be hungry, especially during times of growth spurts. He will probably need to eat 3 snacks a day, in addition to his three meals. If you keep him full on the lower-carb foods, he should be okay. Kids also have a tendency to gain weight right before a growth spurt, so if you notice him getting "chubby" don't worry too much about it. He will use that stored energy for growth and development. If he's hungry, he needs to eat. Children are better at controlling how much they eat than adults; they have a tendency to only eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. 

There is also a website called http://www.dlife.com where you can do a search for low-carb recipes for meals and snacks. 

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what works for me is string cheese, im fourteen and i still snack on it all the time. eggs dont have carbohydrates neither maybe make one egg for him with a piece of toast healthy and filling for a four year old :)