C section or natural

So I have been reading a lot lately about pregnancy and diabetes.  I just lost my first pregnancy but we are back on the band wagon to try again...What scared me is that most diabetic women are having c-sections.  I really would like to have a vaginal birth if possible as long as it isn't posing any health risks for me and baby...what has been you ladies experience???


I had vaginal births for both my daughters.   It'd be a conversation I'd have with your OB/GYN or perinatologist....  some just do C-sections because that's what they do.   There are medical reasons that women with diabetes can have that would make a c-section more safe for mom & baby.   

I had a c-section with my first daughter and have one scheduled for my second in February.  My c-section was for other reasons, not my diabetes, but I was personally happy with the outcome.  Not that I was against having a vaginal birth, but there were a lot of factors and unknowns (both diabetes/blood-sugar related and not that made me really, realy nervous about attempting one).  In the end, I was very happy with my surgical birth and the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as everyone made it out to be.  But that's just my story, I know everyone feels differently and there are plenty of women on here who've had vaginal births.

I was also had a vaginal birth with my first who was born in August. I think the high incidence of diabetic c-sections may have to do with not wanting diabetics to go past their due date due to the incidence of the placenta hardening around that time. In my case they warned me that they'd have to induce me if I wasn't in labor by the day before my due date even though my sugars were in great control throughout. Induction tends to set the ball rolling towards c-sections in a lot of cases... so that's the connection I'm guessing between the high rate and diabetics. There are natural methods to help things along... walking, exercise, sex, pressure points, etc that may help you to avoid that if that's your goal, but its not guaranteed. In the end the mission anyway is a healthy baby and mom right? 


Wonderful.  Yes I agree Danielle...at the end of it all a healthy baby and mom is what is important not how it got that way.  I guess I have had it drilled in me my whole womanhood that "real" women don't have an epidural and push their babies out like they used to do back in the day :)  I am not for or against pain meds.  I have never had / pushed out a baby yet so I don't know what my feelings will be at the time.  I am sure when you ar e ready to pop you stop really worrying / caring about it and just want that sweet little bundle out :) 

Nicole, I'm so sorry to hear you lost your first pregnancy. How are you doing with the loss? Sending baby dust that you have a positive preg test soon!!

I had a c-sec, and I was okay with the experience because I was "allowed" to try a vaginal birth first, but it didn't work out. I would have been annoyed if I wasn't allowed to try b/c of the D w/o any other reason. But, after 2 days of labor with the baby's head getting stuck, I was just happy to have him out, lol!!

I suspect there are more c sections for Moms w/ D b/c the doctors tend to induce you at 38 or 39 weeks before you've naturally gone into labor. The induction doesn't always "take" (as in my case). But, at this point, I'm just happy to have my son here and rarely think about how he came out. (:


Thank you.  I am doing okay with the loss.  It was hard a first but me and my husband have been really positive and are trying again. Why do they induce?  I think I will be fine with a c section if I am given the option to try naturally at first.

They induce if you don't go into labor naturally by 38 or 39 weeks. Most first time Moms don't go naturally until at least 40 weeks, often 41. So, it's highly likely you'd be induced. There are concerns about the health of the placenta in moms w/ D at the end. From my (informal) research, the inductions are happening later these days (used to be 37, then 38, now 39 is common...) which is great news. My son was induced at 38 1/2 and his liver wasn't ready, so he was jaundiced. The new peri I met with about trying again in the next couple of years said he's wait until 39 weeks. The jaundice isn't dangerous if treated, but it's annoying and sometimes requires rehospitalization of the baby.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you and DH have good news soon!!