C-Section was brought up again grrrrr



I had my appointment today (35 weeks prego) and my OB checked my cervix and said that it is closed and everything is high and tight.  She also read me the notes from the high risk perintologist and said that she also concurred that at 37 weeks my daughter needs to come out.  She said that babies chest is measuring in the 98% and that it will not be healthy to go past that.  She also told me that if my cervix was not ripe in two weeks that she recommends a c-section.  She said that it would be too much stress on me and baby to go through a long induction (that may not work) and then end in a section.  I don't know why but I left that office very down.  I know the best choice is whatever is going to keep my daughter safe and healthy but I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  I also wonder what the probability is of my cervix softening in two weeks?

Don't be discouraged.  35 weeks is super early so it's normal that your cervix isn't ready.  Just reevaluate at 37 weeks and make the best choice with your doctors recommendations.  Your doctor sounds good and is trying to keep you informed and let you know what may possibly happen.  She's totally right about not wanting to go through an unsuccessful induction and then have the c-section on top of it.  

I had a c-section and the scar is right across the bikini line, so it doesn't look bad.  

Thanks Jenna...yeah your right.  I need to just keep focusing on the fact that our little girl is getting close to getting here.  I guess I was just keeping my fingers crossed that a succesful induction was possible.  How was your recovery from the c-section?

Jenna's right, 35 weeks is so early to make the call.  It's probably good to be mentally prepared for either option though.  You never know what can happen in a few weeks.  You've heard my story- scheduled the c-section because my body was no where near ready to deliver and then 12 hours later went in for the c-section and was in labor.  In less than 30 hours I went from no where near ready to delivering vaginally.  Hold tight.  

Thanks Rachel....yes I guess we are in God's hands and if he has a vaginal birth in store for us then that is great but if not then whatever will get her here successfully.  I have worked too hard for this long to have a bad decision on my fault hurt my little girl.

I think you need to decide what YOU want. If you want a vaginal delivery you need to request to be induced at 37 weeks. Just put your foot down about it. They can induce you and if things aren't working out they will do a c-section. At least with an induction you have a chance of a vaginal delivery. I guess it really depends on the doctor. Some doctors these days will do a c-section in a heartbeat, they won't even let the moms try for a vaginal delivery. My OB was the opposite. He was so old school. He absolutely would not even discuss a c-section with me. He was very anti c-section. I was terrified I couldn't have a vaginal delivery because I was so small and my baby was so big. But my doc assured me that I could do it and I did! This is really your decision. If you want a vaginal delivery you really need to stress to your doctor you'd rather be induced.

Thank you Rachel.....I actually really needed to hear that.  I have been doing a lot of research on c-sections with diabetes and it does seem to be very popular (i think it is more popular in general now) and I do understand the reasoning behind it but you are right.  I think that I will tell her today that I still want to try for an induction at 37 weeks even if my cervix is long and still hard.  If it fails then we can do a c-section but I at least want to try...

There are also all kinds of natural induction methods that you can try on your own, and others that your doctor can administer that actually help your cervix to ripen, not just start contractions like pitocin.

Things you can do:

-Sexual intercourse

-Nipple stimulation


-Certain foods and herbs

-Castor oil (as a last resort)

Things your doc can do:

-Balloon cathetor


-Strip membranes

-Break bag of waters

Check out this website too: www.givingbirthnaturally.com/natural-ways-to-induce-labor.html

I would encourage you to try these and/or ask your doctor to do some of these before starting pitocin. After doing them, yes, go for pitocin, and hold off the epidural as long as you can (don't get it at all if possible) as epidurals can slow down the labor that pitocin is trying to induce.

Good luck!

I was in the hospital for 3 days post cesarean, but mostly because I was so worn out from the unsuccessful induction.  Biggest inconvenience was not being allowed to drive for 4 weeks post delivery.  But with pain pills the recovery time was totally manageable and  I was able to nurse every few hours and do everything necessary.  Our families and church friends were quick to help.  I was back to normal within about 6 weeks.  It would have been quicker without the sleep deprivation!  

You're totally right to not stress about the details and leave it up to God.  He knows exactly when and how your baby will be born.  Everything will go just like it's supposed to.  Take care and congratulations on your baby.