Calibrating a mini-med sof sensor

So I asked this question a while ago, but I just recently received some new CGM's. Could someone give me the protocol for calibrating the sof-sensors? Thank you in advance. 



The protocol for calibrating the sensor is simple. Once you get past the two hour start up period you will be asked to test the first time. The second test is supposed to be sometime within the six hour period. You do not need to wait for the warning to calibrate the sensor again. I would if you start the sensor in the morning, calibrate it after breakfast for the two hour start I would do it again around lunch time. That would than start the twelve hour window of testing. So you are covered until roughly bed time. Just realize anytime you test or calibrate the sensor you will restart the twelve hour window. So if you test at noon, you are good until midnight. If for some reason you feel in that period of time that you want to retest to be sure of the number, it starts the twelve hour count over again.

For me my routine is: 5:45 AM start new sensor, 8:00 AM calibrate eat breakfast and bolus, 12:30 calibrate eat lunch and bolus, 5:30 use sensor number and eat dinner and bolus, 9:30 - 11:00 depending on the time and what I am doing test to calibrate and have a window of time to sleep with no pump alarms.

The second day varies since I have more time to address things. Usually I will still test before breakfast and than around dinner time.

Thank you Brian, 

Am I supposed to keep my blood sugar stable (e.g. don't eat before) during the initial 2 hour calibration? Thanks again.  

It is suggested that you not calibrate with a rising sugar as it can throw the results off. If you were to eat first thing when you put in the new sensor and hit the sensor start button you should be fine by the time it comes around to calibrate. The way my schedule is setup is that I can avoid eating until I usually need to do the initial calibration. That is because I am up so early in the morning and do not eat until breakfast.

Another thing suggested elsewhere in the forum is that if you are not completely obsessed with your overnight readings is that you insert the sensor in overnight, connect the transmitter and do nothing. That period of time sill show a lost sensor, however when you wakeup in the morning and hit the New Sensor option it should automatically after finding the transmitter ask you to calibrate the sensor. I have tried this method with decent success it has not worked properly once or twice. But it does cut out the two hour morning wait.

Okay, thank you for the advice. 

After I have had it in for one day, should I just calibrate it when I wake up, and lunch, then once again before bed? Thanks again! 

In the end, that is up to you. I always want to do a wake up calibration as things can go off when I sleep. It is up to you than when you calibrate next. You just need to think about when in the next 12 hours you should do it and if not calibrating until 12 hours later will be a bad time to test.