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I got diagnosed with T1D a little over 6 months ago, thankfully before my 26th birthday when I will no longer be on my father’s health insurance. Although my 26th birthday is on June 1st so I am a bit freaked out about how I’m going to be paying for all of this. I live in California so I know they have medical or whatever. I’m just trying to figure out if anyone lives in California with a Dexcom that has any suggestions for the most affordable way to pay for all of the insulin and Dexcom. My husband and I are both pretty humble in the income department, we are still paying off his student loans (which his degree isn’t helping for one bit) and living with my parents to try to help with all of my medical expenses. Don’t want to complain I know we are all in the same boat and have been spoiled in the medical insurance part thus far. Can anyway shed some light on this health care situation? I just don’t know what I’m doing or where to even start. I would love some insight from a diabetes veteran who knows their way around finding the best health insurance.

Thank you so much, my family and I would appreciate any help you can give!

@bridgetrose hi Bridget, Welcome to TypeOneNation.

I am pretty sure the site is still operational.

You have to get a list of expenses and try to separate your doctor visits, and your pharmacy expenses. Keep your CGM expenses on a separate line because many insurance companies bill CGM differently than pharmacy drugs, for example, many insurance use “Durable medical equipment” for pumps and CGM. All it means is you should have a list of expenses and as much information on those expenses as you can get.

You can also check in with your doctors to find out what insurance they take, this could be helpful in selecting plans…

You can check out the JDRF insurance page here

I am sorry I am not a California expert or even knowledgeable about private insurance. I am fortunate to be in an industry with excellent health group insurance coverage.

Good luck!

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Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for the information, I’m sitting on hold with their customer service rep right now!