Anyone that lives in California want to talk ... I am a great girl to talk to I am also looking for a boyfriend.... Hahaha I am such a dork. I am 13

LOL..  Wow someone in CA that actually is admitting to it finally.

Now that is aggressive, good luck with that.  Being 13, be careful with meetn people..  I am sure most of the people here are really cool and all but you never know.

I have a 9 yr old almost 10 year son, who was just diagnosed in November 2008.

I'm from CA too!  In the Bay Area.  Wish I could find more Californians on here. 

My daughter is 11 and we live in CA, (Bay Area )  my daughter would love to talk to someone,  but we have had a hard time finding somone around her age.  Please let me know if you are intrested and I will hook you up with her.  She may be only 11 but she thinks she is 19!


I am in California, not young!!! I am in SoCal. Freak of nature as I was dx'ed aug./08, ICU, DKA at age 52, My daughter calls me Diabetic Daddy.

I'm 15. i love to socialize.any luck finding a boyfriend?haha I live in san francisco.

Hi,I live in truckee california and was just diagnosed over the break