Camp Carolina Trails- North Carolina

Alright, I know that I'm a little older than most campers, but I just got back from a week at Camp Carolina Trails in King, NC and am in LOVE. It's a week-long camp with about 150 campers that I attended as a camper from the ages of 9-16 and have been a counselor at since I turned 18.

As with the experience that many other campers have noted, there's something magical about finding a place like CCT where you're suddenly ALL doing blood sugar checks, pumping insulin, etc. Campers and counselors alike are encouraged to try something new- injections without help, pump sites in a new place, etc.

One of CCT's primary tenants is Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), and it shows. I come back from the week every year exhausted but elated by the loving, inclusive, and generally encouraging atmosphere that gives even the counselors a boost. It is genuinely my favorite week of the year.

PS: We were featured on a local television station during camp last week: