Camp Fitch

When I was 14 I started going to Camp Fitch, located in ERIE, Pa.

I went there a for a couple years and then became a diabetic counselor and stayed all summer.

Camp Fitch is a YMCA based camp, and for two weeks out of the 8 that they are open during the summer, they have diabetes camp (they can go for one or two weeks). Pediatric Endo staff (3 doctors and full staff of nurses and nutritionists) are there throughout the two weeks, they sleep on the camp site as well (they got a this cool little building, the campers sleep in Cabents- wood ceilings and tent sides)

Anyway, they help the kids/teens (the camp is friendly for a huge range of ages all the way through to 18), find a suitable diet to follow, complete activities (hiking, boating, games, rock climing, horseback riding- tons of stuff!) and manage their diabetes at the same time (they also have cool classes for all the kids to learn how to treat their diabeties). The parents get a full greeting the first day of camp by the staff, and their diet, regiments and everything are taken care of. And if you have little ones that need a little more "attention" and their sugars need to be checked more often- the staff is excellent for that, even if your child needs a 3 am blood sugar check--- they actually perform that on all or close to all of the diabetic campers because of all the new activites they are in during the day- they might need adjustments.

The camp fitch staff is also great if your child/teen decides to go all year- they just don't get all the extra endo doctors and staffing. The staff is well trained to recongnize symptoms and complications and are prepared!