Hi All,

I wanted to see if anyone one here when to camp najeda when i did. I got type one when i was 7 and 1st year at camp was 8. I am 28 now. Let me know if anyone is going or has gone to this camp. I think it was the best years of my life. 

I was not at camp when you were there, but I have been a nurse there from 2001 through 2012.  Did you know there is still an alumni day at camp in August every year.  I hope you'll come visit.  Go to for information.  

My names Angela and I’m 15 now. I’ve been going to camp Nejeda since I was 6 (2004). I still go every summer. The best of times (so far)

I went to camp Need a 35+ years ago. Didn’t know it still existed. When I went there weren’t finger price testing with blood, it was dip sticks in urine only and no one ever heard of an insulin pump…lol! I’m sure it’s still a magnificent place and has been updated an awful lot since I went. So great to know it’s still exists!