So what camps have you all been to?? And where???

Within a week of diagnosis, i worked at Camp KUDOS in Charlotte NC.

later that summer, i attended Camp Carolina Trails in the mountains of NC

i've continued to work at KUDOS every summer since

This past summer I worked as a Leader in Training (in other words not a counselor yet but not a camper anymore) at Camp Possibilities in MD and I loved it! It was my first time at camp but it was such a rewarding experience taking care of 6 nine-year-old girls for a week! At the end I was totally sleep-deprived but I'm so going back next summer. :-)

Camp Nejeda in Stillwater NJ is the best diabetes camp around.

I absolutely adore it, and i went there 4 years in a row.

Once i moved to North Carolina, i continued returning just to go to the camp.

It really helped me, and it was my first encounter with ANYONE else with diabetes.

I was about eight when i started there.

your comepletely right alix.

it's the best place in the world.and those people have become my family.

i love them for everything they've done for me.

I go to Camp Barton in Massachusetts!!!!!!!! It is my home away from home!!!!!!

LIT next summer!!! Yea!!!!!!!


camp nejeda is amazing and no matter what it will always be a part of me.

i love everyone there, and i love every minute of being there.


I was a camper there for 6 years, then i was a c.i.t., and now i am a councelor there for the whole summer, it is the most amazing place in the whole world, it is like my second home, and it is the only place where i feel like i fit in, i cant wait for the summers to come every year it is the thing i look forward to most, i love the people, and the great crazy times we have all the time.

I have been going to Camp needlepoint in Hudson WI since i was 8 years old (im now 21) i have been a counselor now for the past 4 years.  Some of  my best friends are people from camp.  This camp has made diabetes easier to deal with to have such a huge support group like that 

Right after I was diagnosed (when I was 8) I went to Florida's Camp for Children and Youth with Diabetes (FCCYD).  It was such a great experience I kept going for 6 years.  I was so afraid of needles that first year but by the end of camp (only a week long) I was giving my own injections.  I can't say enough good things about it.  I even went back to be a counselor for several years while I was in college.

Camp Endres in Southern OK is the one I've been going to for the past 10 years both as a camper and a medical counselor the past 6 years.

I don't know how you guys feel the same about your camps, but seriously I plan on going for the rest of my life haha.  Whether I'm a medical counselor or one day on the medical staff as a physician I will keep going until they tell me to stop coming.  I friggin' love diabetes camp and so does everyone else who goes to this camp.  We have a counselor on the staff who has been for over 20 years.

I love our camp so much that I want to find other camps in the surrounding states that I could work at when I have free time during the summer.  I'm a diabetes dork, whatever get over it.  Anyone been to Camp Sweeney or Lions Camp in TX?

I went to Eagles Nest in Hendersonville, NC for 5 years (until they stopped having Diabetic sessions)....Those two weeks a Summer were the BEST two weeks ALL Summer. I looked SO forward to them.  I learned to take my BS and my shots (at age 7)....What an experience. I miss it SO much!

For six or seven years growing up, I went to Camp Carefree in NH.  It didn't have a permanent "home" in those days, so we would travel to different campsite locations around NH each year.  Great times had as a camper, CIT, and couselor.  Lifelong friends met there were/are the best part!  Highly recommended for anyone in NH.

Sweeney Children With Diabetes Camp in Yaphank, NY next to Cornell University. on a farm!

I was a camper there for 2 years, and a CIT for one.

That place was awesome!

We used to play in the farming sprinklers and make our own ice cream... play volleyball... feed the animals, the fire department would come and we'd play in the hose and oh!! bottle rockets!!

Did anyone else here go there?

It would be nice to reconnect!

When i was first diagnosed i was only 6 but i remember going to some random day camp with my family.

Since then Ive gone to Camp Kaiser every year since i was 10. That is an AMAZING camp but i only have 1 year left then I can go back as a counselor!!!!                  :DDD

CAMP KUDZU in Georgia. Ever heard of Jon Almett?? Yah that amazing guy is from that camp and many others. He is greatly missed and will be loved forever.

o my gosh!


i went to that camp..... i think 2 years ago & it was soo much fun!

im glad it sounds as amazing as i remember it :)

This past summer was my sons first encounter with the texas Lions Camp in Kerrville Texas.  He had a blast!!  It is free to type 1 diabetics and it is for 7 days and it is packed full of things to do.  Each age group does things differently but he was 9 at the time and had the best time.  There are no children around Amarillo that we know of that have type 1 diabetes.  This gave Conner a chance to see all the other children who live with it daily.  This also was a good way for him to learn about the pump before we considered getting him one.  The doctors there are rgeat and they are the ones who told me he was ready for a pump.  That camp was the best thing that ever happened to Conner.  He cannot wait to go back.

I have gone to Gales Creek Camp in OR for the past four years. I love it! I have made a lot of friends by going to GCC. I even met someone who lives in the same town as me and now we are friends. I'm thinking about working there this summer.

 Anyone else go to GCC?

This summer i went to Camp Nejeda!!!! I love it there!!! ;)     [{-Crayon-}]>