Can high blood sugar cause vomiting even when there are no keytones?

I am waiting for a call back from the our endocrinologist on this, but I though some of you might have some information too :)

I am wondering if high blood sugar can cause vomiting even when there are no keytones?

My son, Benjamin, is 2.   There have beens 3 time in the last couple months where he has run high all day (300-450 range) and then in the evening or during the middle of the night he vomits 2-3 times then is fine in the morning.  He often show no or only trace keytones during these events.   None of the rest of us are getting sick so I don't think it is the stomach flu?  I guess it just has me wondering if this is somehow connected to his diabetes?

Thanks everyone!


I wouldn't be surprised if over a prolonged time, some D's do throw up. I often feel nauseated when I'm high for a long time (but also when I'm low too) though I've never thrown up.

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I am wondering if high blood sugar can cause vomiting even when there are no keytones?


One of Sarah's primary symptoms was frequent vomiting. She'd vomit for 8-12 hours, with no other symptoms. She did this probably 3-4 times a year since she was 2-3 years old (she was diagnosed at 10). Since she was diagnosed and her blood sugars have been under control (almost 8 months now), she hasn't vomited once.

Ive had an experience with this once, right before i was diagnoised,

i went to my friends birthday party the weekend before my diagnosis. I had several drinks, about 4 coolers over a few hours (which were loaded with sugar). but i did not get drunk and was sober by bedtime.  i think i must have been high as a kite because when i got up the next morning i vomited. i know that sounds like a typical hungover reaction but thats the first time i have ever done that after drinking (i dont really drink that much). i didnt have any keytones at the time i just threw up beacuse my blood sugar was likely wayy to high the evening before.

Me too. Overall when I'm higher than 240, I just feel like hell. This morning I woke up with a sugar of 250 and had a headache and just felt blehh. I'm also catching a cold so that could be it as well. I only feel like I have to throw up if I have ketones but thats just me. And I have a funny ketone story of when I was waiting tables 7 months ago. My infusion set ripped out and I had to leave my tables without a server just so I could go in the bathroom and puke my guts out.  Then I got written up because some chick thought my service was terrible. hahaha. 


Thankfully, I left that job right when I found a better one.


I also got sick when I was low back in the day of pork insulin and 1 minute bloodsugar readings. 

Wow, I learn new things every day! With high BG, I usually have bad headaches, but not stomach problems.

I hope your son feels better soon!

Absolutely!  This was a problem for me just before i was diagnosed.  My sugars were apparently through the roof and anything I ate or drank sugary would cause me to vomit.  Now that I have been taking insulin, things are much better, but when I get out of control, and have high levels for a few days, the problem will return.