CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT? (I love you, mom)

I wanted to create a post dedicated to recognizing all of the hard work and passion that family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and friends of type 1's exemplify.

While I realize that some type 1's may not find support from family, I think it's important to acknowledge the family members who do support what we go through.  (Ahem, all of the moms and dads, and other family members on this site!) 

I cannot even imagine what my mom went through (and continues to go through) as a parent of a type 1 diabetic.  I remember sitting in her lap on a hospital bed while the doctor told her that my tests were positive--I asked her, "Mom, what does positive mean?" and she started crying.  She has helped me SO much over the years by setting up walk teams, buying my supplies, setting up my endo appointments, helping me log my numbers, setting up a carb ratio, I could go on and on.  

I think most of us are so incredibly grateful to have people like you guys to support us.  I know I couldn't do it alone.


I agree. I have to really thank my husband at this time. Because of him, I got more motivated to take care of myself to live a long and happy life with him. The night before I found out I was pregnant, I passed out and had a seizure due to hypoglycemia, and he saved my life and the life of the baby by giving me the glucagon shot. Now when I'm low in the middle of the night, he always gets my juice for me and helps me out when I don't feel very good. If he wasn't around, it would be much harder on me. 

Also, as a child when I was diagnosed, my dad was so visibly upset, much more than I was. He took me to all my appointments as a kid and was the one person who was always watching over me. I would have been really lost if there wasn't someone that concerned about me all of the time. 

It really can be hard to deal with day after day, year after year, and it would be much more difficult without loved ones to hold our hand through it all. 

What a great post :D I agree completely. From my parents, who rushed me to the ER after my family doctor assured us I only had the flu the day I was diagnosed to the acceptance and support my fiance and his family continue to offer, I feel really lucky I have the support system that I do. My parents went to great lengths to make sure I grew up healthy and well educated on all things diabetes related. I like you, am eternally grateful! Diabetes affects waaay more than just the person diagnosed, especially when the diagnosis comes at an early age, and having supportive family members and friends makes daily life much more bearable! :)

I have to thank my loving wife, she quickly helped in arranging my diet and setting up snacks properly portioned and delt with the doctor's folks and the pharmecist and when I was really depressed gave me the tough love I needed to face the situation and get better.

Thanks honeybear

Wow! I am about to cry reading all of your posts about your wonderful parents. I am the mother of an 8 year old T1 who has only been diagnosed for 17 months now. The days when she crys and fusses about checking her blood sugar, changing a pump site or getting blood work done at her endo appointments make me feel like the meanest mother in the world. I know I am doing what's best for her. It makes me feel good to know that all of you remember your parents as heroes in your battle and not monsters. I pray that my daughter thinks of me in the same way that you think of your parents!

My sister has Type 1 diabetes and I am more than happy to be able to support her. I can't take away diabetes, but I hope in some way I can help to make it easier.

Diabetes is a really difficult thing to deal with, and I really admire how much courage everyone has to face it and live life to the fullest.

What a great post, I couldn't agree more. For years, diabetes made my mother's life hell between midnight tests, extreme hypos that led to psychosis, etc., I honestly don't know how she did it. Now my husband is the one taking care of me and having to deal with this, and he is absolutely amazing. He gets up to get me juice in the middle of the night when I'm low, he deals with my crazy mood swings when I have a hypo or high, he overlooks the pump and cgm sites (he swears he doesn't even notice them), he researches new technology and watches JDRF webcasts with me. He goes to the endo with me and sits on the edge of his seat waiting to hear what my a1c is. He asks me if I took insulin when we eat, and he never complains about how much his life is affected by all of it. I tell him all the time how much I appreciate him and how lucky I am, but I know words could never really express my true gratitude, for both him and my mother. I honestly don't know if I could do all this without their support, and I'm glad I don't have to try.

Well, I can honestly say that when I read all of these posts, it felt like I was reading my own writing. I'll admit...I am one tough cookie but there is NO WAY that I could take this on by myself. I just got diagnosed this past October. Needless to say, was a total slap in the face. I went to the doctor to have my excessive weight loss and thirst checked out before we started planning for a baby and a big fat T1 diagnosis got handed to me instead! WTF? (hehe) I am a strong-willed person but hey, let's ace it, T1 is no easy thing to live with. I read an earlier post that said, "diabetes doen't only effect the person that is diagnosed", and I couldn't agree more.

I'd just like to throw out a "holla" to my husband of 5 years. Planning a family has been put on the back burner for now...we both want to be parents soon, but we both understand that my health needs need to be addressed before taking that next step. My husband has been my rock through everything and makes sure that I am taken care of. He is trying so hard to understand and learn with me. He's been there to get my juice when I am low, make sure I took my insulin everyday and has read my low number off of my glucose meter when I was too whacked out to see what it was. He knows what my favorite snack is and when I need to eat it. He sat there and payed close attention on how to use my glucogon if and when I need it. Can you imagine? I mean, your 27 year old wife is fine one day...and then you need to make sure she is carrying something to save her life and you need to know how to use it? My A1C was 14 when I got diagnosed and when I received my new reading of 5.4 (woot woot!), he shrieked over the phone like a little girl-- even though he didn't totally understand what it meant..he was happy because I was happy. He has totally changed his eating habits because of what I had to change and actually THANKED me for it because he is losing weight and getting healthier too!

Then there's my parents. Man, where would I be without them. I remember the day I called and my dad answered the phone. I told him about the diagnosis and he just said, "I know you can handle it; if there is anyone in our family that can take this on, it's you." He then handed the phone to my mom, and as I was telling her, he went out to his shop and cried. He felt bad because his mother (my grandma) was diabetic and he thought that he had 'passed it on to me'. When I found this out, I made sure he knew that it wasn't his fault. Mom has been great...she works ar Kraft Foods and fixes me up with snacks all the time! She has learned to be an expert at food labels and get's the perfect snack for me =)

Friends have been great too. I have a few friends with T1 and they always have the best advice...and good tips. I also have to thank YOU. This website has joined me up with so many wonderful people, I am proud to call you "friends". You give me reassurance and strength. As my dad said...I KNOW I can take this on --I will NOT make my life fit into DIABETES.....I will make diabetes fit into MY LIFE.


You guys rock,


In the beginning i had all kinds of support. My family and everything helped quite a bit. Carb counting and everything along those lines. But now i have to do everything myself. Getting insulin and such is all on me. It's not the greatest thing, as i do feel alone at times in my house. And now my parents and most of my family don't even remember anything the doctors have said. So everything lies on my hands now.

But through this hard time i have been writing blogs and such and most if not all my friends read them. They tell me how strong i am as a person and how influential i am. Getting the news is always the worst part. But moving on and becoming stronger is always the best. So i will keep on living to hopefully move more people. And now i don't feel not normal. I feel great, my life is going great. My numbers are doing great. I am feeling great. Which is all that matters.

It's always good to have family and friends have your back when you are down. And when i am my family and friends are always there. I say if it weren't for them i wouldn't be here or be the person i am today. We always have to look at life and enjoy the little things. Have fun and be smart. But being Diabetic has made my life better and not worse (as most people would think the opposite).


GREAT post, it's really nice to see people thank their families for helping and such. Especially when something life changing event happens and their family has their back through every little bit. I've said it millions of times and will say it more when the time comes. But Family and Friends are all one needs in life.



This is great!  I have read all the posts and am very moved by everyone's appreciation of their supportive family and friends.  I was diagnosed at age 8 in 1963.  My mom was (and still is) my best cheerleader.  Even now (I am 56 and she is 79), she is always asking about my glucose and A1c readings and if I am eating healthy foods.  I was very rebellious during my teens and I know I put her through hell (Mom -- I am so sorry for that). 

I agree, family's a great thing, my siblings are awesome! we live with our uncle and I couldn't get through the day without my brothers and sister. My younger brother who is now 8 was recently diagnosed and we have eachother to lean on and my other siblings are always there when we need them.