Can I live without Diet Coke?

I'm thinking of trying to give up fake sugar for a couple of weeks and was wondering what you all do. (I've been having stomach problems, tested negative for Celiac, saw no difference when I went lactose-free for a month, and now I'm wondering if the fake sugar is causing the problem.) I usually have one in my coffee in the morning and another couple of diet sodas during the day. A friend w/ T1 told me she just puts 1 real sugar in her coffee and doesn't bolus and is fine (her ratio is 1:10).

BUT ... I (heart) diet soda, am addicted, wondering if I can live w/o it! I've had D since way before carb-counting, so I've always drank diet and regular seems like a pain since I'd have to bolus and because it reminds me of having a stomach virus as a kid and my Mom would make me drink regular ginger ale.

Has anyone else tried to give up splenda, equal, etc? Do you think that new truvia (which I read somewhere hasn't been shown to be safe! ack!) counts?

i rarely drink diet pop now unless i don't have any options. and when i do, i try to avoid diet coke and diet pepsi. when i was in grade 12 and working at mcdicks, we got free drinks. i of course always took diet drinks...but i had been drinking diet for so long already, that i actually had to do HALF WATER half diet coke! i still can't drink diet coke or pepsi without watering it down. people look at me weird, but it upsets my stomach if i don't.

last year i gave up diet pop, i stopped drinking it as much. it was hard for the first two weeks, but after that i was fine. now i only have it once in a while and instead drink crystal light or juice, and just take extra insulin if i have to.

i'd rather have real sugar, and have to take a shot than have to drink half water half diet coke!


(diet orange crush, grape soda, cream soda and rootbeer don't have the same fake sugar as diet coke/pepsi and i actually don't have to water those ones down!)

Hey Sarah -   It is really tough to give up the diet drinks - headaches etc.   I was addicted to them as well but started cutting back my intake slowly and just switched to water but it wasn't easy.  I'll have a diet soda here and there but not near what I was having before.

And in regards to truvia - I think it's  safe.  I use it (Stevia) here and there in coffee or the liquid kind in some almond milk.  The controversy is over what it's made of - Stevia.  The FDA warned the makers of Celestial Teas about adding it to it's teas.  It is not approved as a food additive here in the US but it is approved as a dietary supplement.   I know other people here say watch out for it because we don't know much about it but the FDA has never found any ill effects and say more testing is needed - I don't buy it whatsoever.  It's been used in South America for 1500 years and Japan approved decades ago it because they are not swayed by big industry - such as the big artificial sweetner guys.  Isn't it amazing that Sweet and Low is still on the market even if it's banned else where? Or that the FDA will approve a chemical based sweetner rather than one that comes from a plant and is natural?   Some people like it and some don't.  I don't use it often, maybe a couple times a week but I'd rather go natural than something chemical based.  

I love orange juice, so I was excited to see that Tropicana had come out with a new oj with 50% less sugar.  I bought it only to find out it was sweetened with that truvia.  It was so disgusting.  It had a TERRIBLE aftertaste and I ended up throwing the entire carton away.  So, that's my two cents on truvia.  Some things, like OJ, are not okay when the real sugar is removed.  Soda, on the other hand...

Regarding diet coke.  I just gave up diet coke and coffee because I have become really sensitive to caffeine.  It was hard to give it up, but I made myself drink water with my lunch and after two weeks, I don't miss it at all.  I also switched from coffee (which I used to sweeten with 2 packets of Splenda) to tea, which I don't sweeten at all.

I love diet coke.  It's pretty much the only thing that I drink.  I really think I'd die if I had to live without it for the rest of my life.  I actually gave it up while I was pregnant though...just because people were making me nervous about it.  I didn't have any problems giving it headaches or anything like that, luckily.

Regular soda is WAY too sweet for me.  The only way I'd ever be able to drink regular coke is if someone forced me to at gunpoint.

If I ever do have to give it up, I'll be left with water and milk.

I just did last year, gave up all artificial sweeteners. It was a little hard because I like fizzy pop, BUT my professor had a great suggestion, just get carbonated water at restaurants and squeeze lemon in it. SO GOOD. When ever I get a craving for the fiz I get that or mineral water from Italy. Getting to like coffee plain took a bit longer, at first I just switched to tea, but I'm back in the black again, now drinking coffee without sweetener.

Really it just takes time and it like cutting regular sugar out of your diet. The longer you go without it the less you crave.

My suggestion, whenever you walk by it and think that you want it, turn your nose up at it and lie to yourself, say "I don't like that" and walk away. It is acting like the person that you want to be, and eventually you can become the person you act like. =) works for me 85% of the time!

i only drink a diet soda for lunch. thats bout it. i dont like soda much anyways. i tried giving up equal in my coffee but i couldnt do it. i cant stand the taste of coffee with out equal.

i remember when the sweet and low packet read in tiny print..."this product caused brain cancer in monkeys".

and sweet and low tastes like garbage anyways.

i dont know what to tell you Sarah. We need to have some flavor in our lives. but if you are getting an upset stomach i guess you have to keep doing the trial and error thing til you find out what the problem is

Polar seltzer is soooooo good. Its like yummy soda without anything at all, no artificial sweetener, no sugar. And the whole thing with 'may cause brain cancer'... I've read some things that say artificial sweeteners are bad in the long run and in large amounts, so the seltzer drinks seem like a good solution to me! 

No :P I drink way too much diet coke but I get the same problem if I drink it at all in the morning. I'm trying to switch to tea so I still get some kind of caffeine and it's going okay. 

I love any kind of diet pop! but I only let myself have one a day and I usually go for a diet root beer instead of diet coke. We get pop free in my office, when I first started working it was way to easy to go grab a pop any time. I wanted to cut back so I stopped buying it for home and I keep a water bottle at my desk. If water is sitting at my desk I will grab that instead of pop. I think you could give up the fake sugar if you made sure you had other things available that you liked to drink. I like Batts idea, the diet orange is really good! PS it might have been easier for me to give it up because I did not get the headaches and caffeine has never really affected me

It is possible to do. Did you ever think it might be the caffeine that was affecting your stomach more than the artificial sweeteners. I did a year long aversion to diet soda and one day started drinking it again. It is so bad for us and yet I can't stop. If you make a conscious effort to stop though it is possible and hopefully you are able to do it.

     My soda of choice is Diet Coke, but I've cut back so much on drinking it.  I'm more wary of the artificial coloring and the effects of the carbonation on my bones.  I don't want to walk funny when I'm older because my bones were weakened by drinking so much soda and other stuff like that.  I've completely given up caffeine a few times.  I got really bad headaches the first time I did it, but other times haven't really been bad at all.  I use those packets that get mixed with Crystal Light, Koolaid, and Hawaiin Punch.  Water is my other option, but that gets so boring sometimes.

I will have to try to get more seltzer! That's what I had when I was pregnant and avoiding soda. (isn't it funny how you can give anything up for the baby but not for yourself?).

Brian, unfortunately (or fortunately), I wasn't having caffeine up until recently b/c of breast feeding and it didn't make a difference on my stomach. But, good suggestion!

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