Can I Purchase Tslim x2 before Medtronics is out of warranty

I am done with my 670G but unfortunately it still has 14 months under warranty.
I am dropping at night with no alarms. Or Auto suspendending Basal at night with no alarm and not resuming Basal till morning when screens are stacked one upon another! More than 20% off BG/finger stick with contour for calibration etc etc. This is my 3rd 670G meter! Battery compartment cracked, and Fatal error in other 2

Is there any help for me without getting a 4th replacement from Medtronics? My Endo wants me to have the Tandem/Dexcom. HELP!

Hi @Ldymadiane , welcome to Type One Nation. Of course you can! but your insurance may not pay. If you need insurance to pay, then you can ask any available Tandem rep to go get you a number from your insurance company. That’s what they do for free. good luck

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I hope you are able to make the switch soon without a huge cost. I just wanted to suggest you look into the Freestyle Libre 2 CGM in the meantime. It has optional alerts you can set to warn you of highs or lows.
Something else you might look into its the Omnipod. I don’t use it myself but from what I understand there is a one time cost for the PDM (controller) plus the monthly cost of the pods. It might be that if you decided you don’t like the pods or they don’t work well for you, you could switch once your Medtronic warranty is up. What I’m trying to say is there may not be a long-term 4 year commitment, and the cost could be less expensive at least as a stopgap until you can switch to Tandem.
I really prefer to know more about a product myself before making suggestions but since you are so unhappy with Medtronic right now I wanted to suggest something you could research for yourself if you’re interested.

Second the suggestion to look into Omnipod. They may be available through your pharmacy benefit, and since that’s separate from the DME line, the insurance company might not object.

No Control IQ equivalent on Omnipod yet (maybe later this year, though: my fingers are crossed!), but at least you could still be on a pump, if you prefer that to shots, until the 14 months are up and you can get what you want.

And @Ldymadiane you might find you like the pod. A number of people on the forum use it - check out their comments, and they could answer questions about real life use. Something to keep in mind.

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