Can or does insulin

go bad from going back and forth between room temp and cooler? We went on a road trip and I brought a unopened vial of levemir and a extra novolog pen. I had them in the instacold freezer pack thing and they were nice and cold that first day. We stopped at a hotel and no flipping mini fridge grr. So I set the pack on top of the a/c unit set at 60 degrees lol. The next day we went to leave and my sister in law had this electric cooler so we plug that in and it kept it cool at best but not cold. It went from room to fridge a couple of times. I never ended up having to open the levemir but did the extra pen. It doesnt seem like Riley is coming down. She keeps hitting into the 300's after eating grr so did I mess it up?


which moves me to another theory and its a two parter she was very very active all of Saturday and half of Sunday so much so I hardly gave her any log through out the day and had to make her stop and drink carb drinks to keep her from dropping low and even then with 18 or so carbs in a drink the highest I saw her was 180 and that was about half an hour after she drank it ad she went down from there. Any how can giving her those drinks wit no insulin to cover it make her wonky now with her numbers? Or could it be going from normal and active for days to sitting on her butt 2 days in a car and pretty lazy since we got home on monday be making her shoot up like this? She isnt anymore lazy that she was the week before we left.


She doesnt seem to be getting sick or anything. She didnt have small to trace ketones in her urine twice yesterday. She was 306 last night and I gave her 2 units for a correction but I see now I should have done 3. It brought her down some but not much not even 100 points. She normally drops pretty good over night but has not been the past few even with corrections before bed.

I guess I will be giving her insulin every two hours today and see if that helps.

I have had similar situations where insulin goes in and out of a fridge. I don't think it would cause it to spoil. As long as it's not a foggy color, it should be OK. We have a lot of trouble keeping Brandan's BG in range on trips too. I give extra insulin while we're riding to try to make up for him sitting for so long. Then, during the stay (wherever that may be) it seems nothing I do is right and he gets extremely high or low quite often. I think you could be right, that her body needs time to get back to "normal" after some days of unusual activity. We'll be taking our first road trip with the pump next weekend. I'm anxious to see how it goes.

Trips always seem to mess with me. I have to be watch everything super close cuz I never respond like I do on a normal day. Also, I've never had trouble with my insulin and temperature changes. I've never had any experience with your kinds of insulin, but I'm on a pump now, which takes Humalog. The cartridge in my pump goes for several days at room temp (or warmer if I am outside a lot) and the insulin is just fine.

i never put my insulin in a cooler when i travel, if i'm going to be using it. i always keep my insulin in my bag which makes it room temp at all times. i keep the extra vials of each in a cooler and only use those if the insulin i keep with me runs out.

i think most diabetics, due to the stress on your body, have problems with bloodsugars while travelling.

when i went to the pemberton festival, i kept my insulin in the cooler and then in one of those frio pouches(which ended up sucking) to keep it cool in my bag cuz it was so hot...the whole weekend i was no longer than 18! even though i was drinking beer and would normally drop at night, it would stall at 18.

even the first day of traveling to and from the mainland for visits, my blood sugar runs higher and all it takes to get to/from is a 2hour ferry and a bit of driving!


i usually end up boosting my novorapid dose at meals when i travel, but i don't adjust my lantus doses.

Ok Her insulin is still clear.


Batts I only had the extra insulin in the cooler but it staid cold by being plugged into the car so when we stopped at night I could keep it in there or it would have killed the battery. So I had to take it out and into the hotel rooms because it was cooler in there.


See that is the thing traveling she didnt do bad and was running on the lower side. It is now that we are home she is running high and I cant seem to get her into a normal range.

At 8:30 she was 279 so I gave her 2 units for a correction at 9 she was 304 at  10 she was 266 at 4:30a.m. she was 232 at 7:15 221 she ate breakfast and I gave her a 1:12 ratio for her food and 2 units for a correction at 8 she was 376 at 9 she was 334 and I gave her 3 units for a correction at 9:30 she was 340 at 11:30 she was 241 her food was 3.5 units so I gave her a full 4 and 2 more for a correction so a total of 6 unit and am waiting to see where she will be at in 2 hours.

I have checked her meters and test strips they are all good. She is happy well and bored but she isnt acting sick or complaining about anything. I need to go back in posts and see if its been a month since the last time I couldnt figure out why she was running high and actually knowing my own cycle I dont think I need to look back. She has not actually started her period but I swear her body is prepping for it! Once a month for a about a week she gets numbers like this with me doing everything normal grr her starting to be a being a woman at 9.

Insulin does say that once it's open / being used, to leave it at room temperature. Maybe that means it should go in and out of the fridge?

But honestly, it's probably just the trip! Don't beat your self up about it, and just open a new once you get home if you're not sure.

Have a good trip!

We are back home we got back Monday and now she is crazy it was the unopened extra insulin I was worried about which I have now opened and have been using. Its not cloudy tho so I guess its ok.


The last time I complained about high numbers was May 18th. I thought me getting more aggressive with her insulin helped but I think her body is going through a cycle even tho she has no actual period yet.

the adolescent years are the worst, so like Sarah said, don't beat yourself up over it! you're doing your best and that's what counts! :)

I was taught that after you take insulin out of the fridge for the first time, no matter whether you put it back in the fridge or keep it out after that, it's good for 28 days. After that, throw it out. During those 28 days it should stay good at room temp.

I was taught that it's good for 30 days after opening it and to keep it at room remp, but  the info sheet that comes with Levemir says it's good for 45 days.

That's funny I take Levemir and I have heard all three 28, 30, and 45. Good news or bad my stick never lasts close to any of these.

lol I thought it was 42 days for Levemir. I have used right up to 42-45 days and it still works the same.


Batts I hope so lol. Last night she finally got under 200 165 as a matter of fact that was at 9:30 and midnight I got up to check her and she was at 402 grr. At 4 she was 326 and I gave her a couple of units to help bring her down before she wakes up and wants to eat. At 5 she was 298 so slowly she is coming down. I cant wait for her medical card to get here so I can find a doc for her so I am not the only one responsible for having to figure this out.

I hope that happens soon too! My mom had a hell of a time with my levels when I was your daughter's age too, but it helped to have people she could call at any time for advice!

No, it will just feal kind of thick when you inject it.

I am giving her insulin so often today heck I did it a hour after she ate lunch because she went up more. I have been trying to correct her before long before she eats but she just wont go down into a normal range grr. She wouldnt have had any food at all today and I have given her oh at least 30 units today and that is a lot for her. at 1:12 for food and 1:50 for anything over 150 for a correction. I also injected her in the belly once today instead of her arms just in case it had something to do with that. She is being silly and active today so still no nothing that looks like she is getting sick. It has to be stupid hormones grr.

I wonder if her correction factor needs adjusting...  maybe try 1:40 and see how that goes?  Personally, mine is 1:25 over 100.  Sorry things aren't going as well as they could.  :(

My doctor told me that insulin lasts longer than what the manufacturer says, and that unless I see a reduction in effectiveness (or cloudiness) to use it until it is gone.  I've never gone longer than 40 days on either my Levimer or Humalog.  Once, I noticed a decrease in effectiveness (with Lantus) and switched to a new vial that night, but that was only once.

Woot she got down to 90 after going outside and playing plus more insulin. I did up her levemir the past two nights as well. Something I have needed to do anyhow. I think I will change her ratio to 1:40 and see how it goes. Tho I have been rounding both corrections and foods up even if its 4.1 units she needs I give her 5. Or what ever it is. I so cant wait to get those cards so I can have a endo to figure this out with me! I hope they wont want to just put her on a pump because she isnt ready for one yet and doesnt want it yet. Tho from what I understand her a1c would have to be better than whatever it is it wouldnt be good with all these highs.

Insulin is typically good for up to 30 days after the top has been taken off. Once at room temp insulin is good for about 2-3 weeks. 

Insulin breaks down under UV lights so make sure it is in some sort of clear case. 

In this case since it went from cool to warm and back several times, I think it should be OK. I would look at how it works in several weeks and if it seems like it isn't working I would switch right away. Maybe wait until about half to 3/4 of bottle is gone and change it early?