Can you help me be an Advocate?

i go to a really small school and i am he only diabetic in the school system and thats pre-k threw 12th and i would really like to educate my fellow students and the faculty on what diabetes is. some think they know but are just goin off myths and other unfactual things they have heard and maybe take it to another leval and educate my town and find others in my srounding towns. could someone help me wit this and tell me what the best way of goin about this would be???

Hi RaeRae!  Are you familiar with KAN?  That's JDRF's Kids Advocacy Network.  It's for kids and teens who are interested in becoming advocates.  After all - who knows more about life with diabetes than the kids who actually HAVE it.  You can find information about how to advocate and join the network by going to the JDRF website at  Click on "Advocacy" and then on "For Kids".  And please let me know what you think.  I've been advocating for diabetes for 20 years now - ever since my son was diagnosed.  It's how I've survived.  Good luck!!