Can Your Dog Sniff Out Low Blood Sugars?

Hey everyone,

We ran a story about a dog that can sniff out diabetic lows this morning on Diabetes News Hound. You can find it here: The Heroics of an Amazing Almost D-Dog

I was wondering if anyone on here had a D-Dog or even a regular dog that can sniff out lows like the one in the story.


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No my dog can't sniff out my BG's (I love him anyway) but I have read many stories about it in the past.  It seems like some dogs do it naturally while others can do it after training.  There is an organization in the Bay area called Dogs4Diabetics that seems really promising.  I have signed up on thier website and am waiting with my fingers crossed to hear from them!

My one cat has woken me up by jumping on me on many occasions when my blood sugar is low. 

We have had our dog since before our daughter was diagnosed with t1.  The other night as I was going to bed, he insisted on going into her room while she was sleeping and standing beside her bed.  He has never done that before so for the heck of it I decided to check my daughter's blood sugar a little early that night.  She was in the 40's!  Could be coincidence, I don't know.  Sure would be nice if he could detect her lows!

My dogs can't sniff out low BS either (but I love them anyway)!

yepp he can saved my life twice now in 2 years once i was 30 and sleeping little guy would not shut up the other time i was like 50 and he freaked out!!

Both my cats (Kali has passed away) would wake me up whenever my BG was low. Kali would meow until I woke up or she would step on me.


Mystic meows, walks all over me or licks my face (Ewww) until I wake up. It is amazing!