Cant afford one

I have only been diabetic for like 2 years now. But already I am sick of the syringes,  my dad refuses to get a job, and I've still had no luck in getting one.  But i feel like a pump would really help me in keeping my sugars down seeing how i cant exactly carry a vial and syringes around with me very easily and my best friend has one and is really enjoying it.  Anyway to the question, is there anyway i can get financial help on top of whatever medicade ( government insurance for kids in USA ) will cover to get an insulin pump.


 A little background information for this is my first post. Im 16 years old, and i have a sister that is 18 years old( no diabetes but she is my main supporter ).My mother died from diabetes complications 8 years ago, so from that day on my dad has decided he doesn't need a job and my sister and i should just somehow live for free.  Right now  he has gotten re married and him her, and my sister and i are all living with her grandmother in a prehistoric house.  Thanks for your guys' help in advanced!

Hi, Devin.

My son was on Medicaid when he was first diagnosed and I was told that insulin pumps were covered. If you've already chosen the pump you want, contact the company and see if they accept Medicaid as payment. Be aware though, that because you are underage, a parent or legal guardian will have to attend pump training classes with you.

I once saw a video on YouTube that advertised a charity that provides insulin pumps. The website is Look into that if all else fails. Good luck.