Can't belive i forgot!

So i was going swimming yesterday and had my pump clipped to my bathing suit and jumped in!! i was just swimming around and a few min. later i realized i still had my pump on!! i got out real quick and wiped it off. it didnt seem to had any water damage but about an hour later it messed up!! the earliest they could get ,e a pump is monday, but thank God i had my old cozmo pump i could go on!!


It is a good thing that you had your old pump avaliable till monday. But things like that do happen to all of us it can be anything from jumping into a pool with our pumps on to forgetting to reattach our pumps after we have a  shower or forgetting to reactiving our pumps after being suspended. Hang in there and don't beat yourself up about it and you'll have the replacement on monday.


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Jessica, what type of pump do you use?

I have, more than once, gotten to work, then realized that my pump was still laying on the bathroom counter at home.  Forgot to reconnect after showering!  I switched around my routine to eating breakfast last thing before I leave, instead of first thing when I wake up, and it hasn't happened since.  Luckily I have a really understanding boss.

I use the minimed.