Can't get it!

so i just tested because I feel like my BG is low and I'm 115! this time, I do have an hour of insulin still on board from my bolas but other times I'm higher than that, don't have insulin on board and feel low. Does anyone else get this? We have been trying to figure it out for so long, like as long as I remember. Sometimes I get free carbs because I feel low and we think I might be dropping but then later, I'm higher! But I figure the time I don't get free carbs is when I really will be dropping! What do ya'll do?

When Sarah has a quick drop, like she's 250 and drops to around 100, she'll feel low. It doesn't happen often, but we figure it's just her body responding to the rapid drop in blood sugar.

I have the same thing happen. I feel low and check and alls ok. Don't you just love this!!!!

i have this happen as well...and it does seem that if im dropping from a high number to a lower one fast i feel like im crashing....test and guess what?  normal range.  i will take a gulp or two of oj when this happens then wait to see what i test in 15 minutes and see how i feel as well.

but then im new to this so dont bet the bank on what i do...i just know right now it usually works for me.  im on humulin shots as well so i dont bolus or anything like that yet.

That can happen sometimes, which is why it's good to test a lot even when you think your sugar is within a certain range.  Coffee in particular can make me feel low when I'm really not (mistaking the caffeine jitters for low blood sugar symptoms), so I try to remember to test when I've had that to make sure the symptoms I'm feeling are really due to a blood sugar change and not the caffeine's side effects.

That happens to me, usually it's just because my blood sugar quickly dropped. Also, I find an adrenaline rush makes me feel that way.

ALL THE TIME!  Every morning I start out around normal, close to 100, eat my breakfast and my glucose sky rockets up to close to 200, then I feel hunger and my glucose begins crashing down.  I feel hungry every morning, like I am having a low, sometimes I check and I am high other times I check and sure enough I am low.  THIS DISEASE IS CONFUSING TO SAY THE LEAST.  I eat the same exact carbo's everyday, no more, no less.

for breakfast, I mean...