Can't get my bgl down!

I woke up in the middle of the night with The Thirst. My bgl was 347! I did a correction bolus (I'm on a pump), drank a bottle of water, and went back to sleep. When I got up for work 3 hours later, my bgl was 306. I did a correction bolus with a syringe (in case it was something with my pump) and went to work. 4 and a half hours later, my bgl was still high at 225. I did a correction bolus with my lunch, and took a nap (do high blood sugars make anyone else just exhausted?) A little over 3 hours later? Back up to 288! I did another syringe correction, this time in sub-cute on a completely different body part, then I changed my site (even though I had just put the other one in 26 hours ago) and made sure to put it on an area I've never worn a site (branching out on body parts!) with new tubing.

Any ideas what could be causing this crazy high or suggestions for things I haven't tried to get my sugars down?

Thank you!

Haha... The Thirst.  I know just what you're talking about.  It's like your mouth is made of cotton.

Everything you did is what I would do, too.  Has anything else changed recently?  Are you under a lot of stress?  (Do your basal rates maybe need another look?)  Have you used control solution on your meter lately?

Unexplained highs and lows are annoying.  I hope you get it figured out soon!


Are you feeling sick?  What are you using at your target for your correction?  Are your basal rates correct?  Maybe they need adjusted???  Have you checked lately?  I know that when I am feeling sick, my blood sugar acts a lot this way.  Hopefully gave you some things to think about???  Are you having any problems with your sites with the pump???  My blood sugars started acting this way when I was on a pump and I had to go off it.  Hope you can figure things out soon.  :D

Seriously. All diabetics know The Thirst. So awful. I did have a friend say, "Oh, is that like when Shelby needed juice in Steel Magnolias?" *sigh*

My stress level has actually gone down lately... the hubs and I are trying to get pregnant though, and its crossed my mind that that could be affecting it. Its not something I've ever really heard of though. No control solution on the meter lately.  

My blood sugars don't tend to go more than 20 or 30 points up (and frequently not at all) when I'm ill. When I had pneumonia, they sat in the 130's almost the entire time, and never spiked above 160. The only sick I feel is symptoms from the highs. Maybe not the heartburn, but that's happened before with highs. My correction is to 120, and my basal rates were adjusted about a month ago. I was having a lot of morning highs so instead of my basal only being higher from 4am-10am, we had it go up at midnight. Its odd that my readings have gotten higher since we did that. I've got another appt next week so I'll probably go ahead and increase the amount of the rate and not just the duration.

My control has increased exponentially since I went on the pump 3 years ago. And mine appears to be working fine, so I can't see that being the problem.

Thanks for the input, ladies!

Yeah we all definitely understand The Thirst that's for sure.  You mentioned that you are trying to get pregnant, are you on fertility meds at all?  And when you initially woke up with the first high did you by chance check to see if you had any ketones?  I know that on the occasion when I have ketones with high numbers it tends to take more insulin than my usually correction rate and it takes awhile for it to back down even with the upped insulin correction.

No fertility drugs, just prenatal vitamins and the natural methods. We've only been trying a few months so we haven't even considered fertility treatments.

I didn't check for ketones because in the middle of the night, because when I wake up with issues, I just try to correct them as fast as possible to go back to sleep! I really value my sleep. lol

[quote user="confuegosuzy"]  ..., then I changed my site (even though I had just put the other one in 26 hours ago) and made sure to put it on an area I've never worn a site (branching out on body parts!) with new tubing.  [/quote]

I really try to do whatever it takes to avoid changing a site and then going to bed.  a bad site (bad or kinked cannula, a site that has really slow absorption, etc) can do just what you are saying.  once you get behind it can take half a day to get back on top.  if I feel I have a slow site, i also increase basal rates to 200% for a few hours, if I still have one of those highs that never goes away then the site has to go.

sorry you had a tough time.


I have no idea what part or combo of corrective actions worked, but I am pleased to report that I am down to 157! That means I can eat dinner and not feel like I'm on the Atkins diet!!

Yay!  Glad to hear it.