Cant Get things under control + Low Blood Pressure

I have been under a lot of stress lately. I recently moved out to Los Angeles. My levels were so all over the place, that I was coming in at a 10 A1C.

Ive since been able to lower my levels - I am at an 8 now, which still isnt good, but feels much better than it was before. I am TERRIFIED about complications.

I have recently been having problems with Low blood pressure - Turns out I have low vitamin D and Iron levels which is causing me to have less red blood cells. Low Blood pressure feels EXACTLY like low blood sugar, and I often worry I am having a low when it is actually a blood pressure thing. I am starting iron pills. My doctor has not mentioned whether low blood pressure is a diabetes complication. Does anyone else experience this?

Im feeling really stressed again this week, and my blood sugars are running consistently high, no matter how much insulin i give. I feel helpless.

Hi Nikki,

Let’s look on the bright side, an HB A1c of 8, while not perfect, is a whole lot better than that old 10. I’ll suggest that your stress - what ever the cause - might be a big factor in your high sugar levels. And your struggles and concern generated by needing to get your numbers in line adds more stress.

From my experience, I’ll say “… numbers are just numbers …” and don’t let them interfere with your great effort. I know that I can have a few consecutive days of eating known foods and quantities, calculating bolus correctly, having normal exercise and activity levels and suddenly out of no where I get a reading of 388 or 42; yeah, I’ve been diagnosed as brittle. At those times I either take a correction [being VERY careful not to stack insulin in my body] or eat something; being retired taking care of myself is now easier.

I do understand how the stress of work, schedule changes, eating foods you don’t prepare yourself can mess up all good diabetes intentions; but I like your attitude and your determination to get things under control - and once things are at a point where you are comfortable, try what has worked well for me during the last half of my 50 year work history - live life as you want to live, be adventurous and make diabetes control fit into your life ]rather than letting diabetes be an unreasonable dictator].

I’m not aware that low blood pressure is common with T1D although I did experience that for a while and know that I was testing BG often thinking that my sugar was dropping. Low vitamin D is common and several years ago one of the doctors I was seeing prescribed that I take a large supplement twice daily; now my levels are OK. Anemic like conditions affect some people with diabetes - I was involved in a study on this many years ago and I was found to not be anemic but about 10 months ago when I was recovering from an infection the doctor advised that I begin a daily iron supplement. Both iron and vitamin D are readily available over the counter [and on-line] but please check with a doctor before you start and then after a while have a blood test to make certain you are not over-dosing.

Stay in touch and let us know how you are progressing - and if you have more thoughts or questions.


hi @cunninghamnicole763

wow sorry you are having a tough time. don’t have much to add besides D and B12 deficiency is really common for T1. I take D every winter and B12 when I see levels dropping on my blood tests.

stress can make blood sugar hard to manage, but I have found that a lot of stress is self inflicted: that is - when you think about it, much of our stress comes from expectations and comparisons. If you think that might be the case, there are many ways to reduce stress including reducing caffeine and alcohol, exercise, walking and yoga for starters.

hope you are okay - please update us!


great advice from others here. the other aspect which comes to mind regarding low blood pressure is that T1 can affect he autonomic nervous system - so that means heart rate, blood pressure, other stuff. sometimes low blood pressure is compensate by the nervous system by an elevated heart rate 'cause the body will feed oxygen to brain at all costs.

so there are central neuropathies as well as peripheral neuropathies and heart rate (and it’s partner: blood pressure) can be affected.

Also all this is age and gender related. Women can, and do, have varying effects from low hemegolbin/iron and this can be a factor.

As Dennis and others wisely suggested - it’s not just about the numbers. If you got a1c to 8 this is TOTALLY awesome.
Keep in touch if you continue to have unexplained issues.

best regards,

Hi there!

Thank you all for the advice. I’m going to up my long acting by a couple of points to see if this helps with the higher levels - I am counting carbs properly and my BS levels are still 250-300, even after insulin. The Low blood pressure stuff has made me less active and i feel like this might be impacting my insulin needs. (About three months ago, I was only taking 23 units of lantus or so- and I was having frequent lows). I’ve increased to 25 units the past couple days and im still having highs- I will raise a couple more units tonight and see what happens. If I cant get it under better control in the next couple of weeks I may consider switching to the pump.

I was totally unaware that vit D levels might be lower for diabetic people. Im starting to take a “blood builder” vitamin on top of my regular multivitamin & a separate vit D pill. (Whole food multivitamin - which is supposed to work better and not have the same side effects of regular iron pills - IE constipation). It will have my daily amounts of Iron & B12 so hopefully this helps with the Blood pressure.

I didn’t mention in the first post that I had been leading a vegan lifestyle for about a year. I am a health nut - so thought i might be getting enough of what I needed through my diet - but with how I have been feeling with the Blood pressure I’m going to start reintroducing some animal proteins back in - mostly fish.

I was feeling really helpless last week but have a more positive outlook this week. Thank you again for all of your feedback!