Capsaicin - anyone know anything

I am hoping some of you will know something about this one... 

They had reversed T1D in NOD mice by using capsaicin injections to a very specific area...

This was 2006 - they expected human trial results within a year - and yet, I've heard nothing.  Has anyone else heard whether they did try this or something like it with people and if so, how it turned out?

Also, anyone who can explain this in terms a child can understand it - I'd love to know more about the how's and why's of this one... :)




This research caught my attention too.  And, like you, I wonder where the research stands.  I emailed Dr. Salter when the report was issued and asked to be updated.  I'll email him again.

As for an explanation that I child can understand I haven't found anything that simple, but the following link might be helpful.