Carb count at resturants

it is so hard to keep your blood sugar level when resturants don't even have an nutritional guide made up! i beleive that every resturant, or convenient store without labels such as there own coffe's, slurpee's, etc. should absolutely have an nutritional guide! this should be made into some sort of "Act" or "Law". if anyone agrees with me please comment back!




or email me at for information on how to get this recognized by congress. 

heres some tips i have for you from me experience starbucks frappacino  - tall 25 carbs grande 50 carbs vente 70 carn

grande chai latte 40 carbs  fistfull of rice 15 carbs glass of milk 12 carbs average apple 20 carbs (25 if big) pear same as apple a&w teen burger 38 carbs (same as mozza burger) 2 peices of bread/bun 30 carbs hope this has been helpful



I am in  Canada, so I don't know what it is like the the States. Here, pretty much every restaurant and every food product needs to have nutritional information available. If I know where I am going for a meal, I will often look up the restaurant online. Most chain restaurants have the nutritional information posted online. I have and iPhone, so I often use that to look up the nutritional information.  It takes a little bit of thought ahead of time, but it is well worth it. For non-chain restaurants, you are back to guessing. I have a theory that pretty much everything has more CHO at a restaurant than when at home! I am not sure how, but they manage to cram extra CHO into everything, but they do!

Hope that helps!

Most restaurants do have published nutrition information, just maybe not right out in plain view.  There's a book called Calorie King that's pretty helpful - it lists restaurants and the nurtition info for their foods.

What you're suggesting isn't always practical, especially for small, non-chain family owned places.  It would be really expensive for them to have all of their food evaluated, which drives up prices.  And those smaller places tend to have healthier food than the chains, which would then be even more expensive.  It's also can be a problem because preparation can vary - the amount of sweet onion sauce on my subway sandwich is always different depending on where I go and who makes the sandwich.

I think it's a better idea to look into one of the calorie/nutrition fact books, or ask your diabetes educator for one (mine's always pushing new versions at me), or you can look on restaurants' web sites.  It's also important to learn to guage what a cup of something looks like, and memorize the carb info for basic things like rice, potatoes, a hamburger bun, etc, and use guessing skills.  The more you try things out, experiment a little, and look at nutrition labels that are available, your guessing skills improve remarkably.


The basic idea that nutrition guides are important is good, but with all of the push for healthier lifestyles lately that information is out there.  We don't really need to mandate that everybody should have to publish it.

Good day. I'm new to this social networking thing but I wanted to make a comment concerning your post.  Some if not most chain resturants have a nuturition guide on their business websites. Also check out Calorie, Fat, and Carb Counter put outby Calorie King.  The little book has wonderful information for review. Hope this helps.  I do agree with you, resturants should have a guide for their customers.  I know if you request the nutrition facts in your choice of food, they will supply them but its a hit or miss.