Carb count for Ralphs italian ices ice cream

My granddaughter loves ice cream and most of the ice cream manufacturers do not supply the carb count.  In particular, Ralphs italian ices which are very popular in new york.  Can anyone help me with the info on this.


Thanks much

Jan Barkan grandma to Hana diagnosed 4/08

See if this helps. I'm not sure if you mean ice cream or shaved ice (like a snow cone) but I believe the link above is referring to Ralph's ice cream.

Generally I've found ice cream to be around 20g Carbs per 1/2 cup serving (unless it has a lot of candy/cookies/fudge ripples, etc. in which case you should count for more carbs). And italian ice generally is around 15g per 1/2 cup serving. Just make sure that you multiply because I doubt they'll serve you 1/2 cup of anything--- it's more likely to be about 2 cups in a "serving".

If you're served the stuff in a styrofoam cup, you can also stick a kitchen scale in your purse and weigh Hana's treat. The styrofoam won't weigh much at all so you'll get an accurate weight of the ice cream/italian ice. Then you can refer to CalorieKing's weight to find the carbs.