Carb Count Recipe Websites

We are only 3 weeks in and still struggling to figure out this Type 1 Diabetes. But I have a question. Has anyone tried the Website VeryWell? You put your own ingredients from recipes in and it’s supposed to give you the carb count per serving? If son how accurate do you find it to be?

Hi Jen!

It’s true that at the beginning carbs count can be a nightmare.

After too many years counting them, I have found these two app very helpful: Fat Secret and Carbs & Cals. Also, I’m used to look the packages of the food and only for a few things I use a scale.

No worries, it takes time but soon you will get it. :wink:

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I use CalorieKing which is a free app :smile:

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I use MyFitnessPal it’s free and has a huge database